Tennis Trading Tips for Open de France, VTR and Zagreb – 7/2/2013
Open de France:

1. Ito vs Stakhovsky:

As predicted yesterday, the Ito match was a great trading match. I
don’t expect the same today. Stakhovsky looked solid against Mathieu
and hence back him and lay him at a lay price.

Odds on him are 1.5 now. Lay price can be in the 1.2 range!

2. Llodra vs Tipsarevic:

This could be a really tough one to call. On paper Tipsa should win
but the odds on him about 10 hours ago was in the 1.75 range. At the
moment it stands at 1.95. Pretty much 50/50 chance. Llodra can be an
incredibly hard player to break especially in French hard courts.

I personally would pick Llodra to win here. Hence back Llodra at 2.05
and lay him at 1.7 price. You can back heavy here if you wish as I
wouldnt be surprised if Llodra wins in 2.

3. Gasquet vs Monfils:

A possible 3 setter here. Gasquet might win in 3, just! Odds on him
are 1.7 which is probably right. Safest strategy I would say would be
to wait out the 1st set and lay the winner of the first set. If
however, Monfils loses the first set really badly don’t back him

4. Hanescu vs Benneteau:

1.24 price on Benneteau may actually be right eventhough it looks a
bit low. I feel Julien has the overall game and being at home, he
should produce the goods when it matters!

Lay at 1.1 or below as that is likely to happen.


1. Rosol vs Cipolla:

I expect Rosol to win easily here, backing heavy and laying low might
be the right strategy here. Back price at the moment is 1.4. Lay price
can be in the 1.15 range as price will likely go low!

2. Cilic vs Zemlja:

Cilic odds are 1.16 now. Zemlja is not a bad player really. This could
be a 3 setter in Cilic’s favour here. I expect him to go through

3. Dodig vs Karlovic:

This is an excellent market for SCALPING!

Karlovic looked ruthless against Dmitrov but he still looked weak in
returning serves. Hence this has Tie-Breaks written all over it.

I expect a tight match. Personally I feel Karlovic has a chance to
steal this one. Hence laying Dodig at the start is good. His price is
1.73 now. Back him at a high price of 2.2 to be in green.

Also keep an eye on the outright market for Zagreb as if Karlovic goes
through today, he is a firm candidate to win this tournament!

VTR open:

1. Ramos vs Volandri:

Volandri is a great clay courter. I am not sure why that odds is 1.5
on Ramos. Hence lay Ramos at the start. It is likely to reach 1.7 at
least I feel. This could also be a possible 3 setter.

2. Zeballos vs Andujar:

Back Zeballos heavy at 1.5 and lay at 1.3. He is a great clay court
player especially a good server too on clay which is not easy! If
Andujar serves bad, this could be an easy 2-0 for Zeballos! If the
odds go too low on Zeballos like 1.05, lay him for a decent amount
lets say for 200 units (Liab: 10) as Andujar is a good fighter!

3. Montanes vs Gimeno:

Montanes odds are almost 2 which I don’t agree with. I think it should
be in the 1.7 range maximum. Hence back him heavy at the start and lay
at a price of 1.5! This could be a manipulated market price and
Montanes may win in 2 easy!

4. Robredo vs Lorenzi:

Veteran Robredo was always a great player to watch but not these days.
He has lost his winning streak a bit and hence this may go to Lorenzi
in a possible 3 setter. However don’t back Lorenzi heavy. For me
Lorenzi may fight back from a set down to win this in a 3 setter!
Hence backing Robredo first at 1.7 and laying in the 1.45 maybe the
right strategy!

I have ignored putting a couple other matches as one of the players it
seems has pulled out in the Seppi match. The other matches I haven’t
put are due to unseen track record of them. No point in giving tips
without knowing the players much, eventhough I gave Youzhny as a good
tip yesterday!

Good luck lads!

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  • Peter Posted February 8, 2013 10:43 am

    Wow, impressive write up and nearly all matches went to plan! I hope you can do the tips every day.

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