Tennis Trading Tips Monday 4th March


Monday’s Tips:

Tips for BNP Paribas WTA:

Priices are only slowly coming up on betfair for most of these matches
but it should be more precise in the next few hours.

1. Czink v Cohen:

I feel this could be free money on Czink. Odds are around 1.6 on her.

S: Back HEAVY on Czink @ 1.6, lay @ 1.35

2. Falconi v Bratchikova :

S: Back Heavy on Bratchikova @ 1.5, lay @ 1.2 (This likely maybe a 3
setter so as soon as you are in green, might want to lay some of them
to get a decent amount on Falconi’s side!)

3. Sevastova v Rodionova:

Serving wise Rodionova is the better player hence laying Sevastova at
the start is a great option.

S: Lay Sevastova @ 1.7 range, back @ 2.1

4. Torro Flor v Panova:

Panova for me is a decent hard court player and should have the edge.

S: Lay Torro Flor in the 1.8 range, back @ 2.3 range or more!

5. Vandeweghe v Burnett:

S: Back Heavy on Vandeweghe @ 1.47, lay @ 1.2

6. Dushevina v Koehler :

S: Back Dushevine @ 1.6, lay @ 1.4

Possible 3 setter so dont trade heavy at the start!

7. Lucic v Pegula:

S: Back Lucic in 1.7 range, lay @ 1.5

8 . Voegele v Vickery:

S: Back HEAVY on Voegele @ 1.3, lay @ 1.15

9 . Tomljanovic v Glatch:

S: Back HEAVY on Glatch @ 1.5 , lay @ 1.3

10. Sirotkina v Dellacqua:

S: Lay Sirotkina @ 1.6 range, back @ 1.9

That’s it for today’s WTA. 10 matches given with a few BH ones as well.

HOT TIPS : Voegele , Bratchikova, Czink and Vandeweghe!

Good luck lads!


  • marius mahalianu Posted March 4, 2013 7:10 pm

    Low liquidity

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 5, 2013 9:36 am

      Thank you for your comment.

      Indeed most markets were non-liquid yesterday that I did point out
      today. Hence you did not have to trade all of them. There were3
      classic tradeable matches however on Dushevina v Koehler,Rodionova vs
      Sevastova.and Voegele!

      All were brilliant to trade as all were 3 setters with lots of twists
      and turns…

      Liquidity did increase as the matches went on in the above three as
      traders were constantly monitoring them. Hence, its worth spotting
      every match on how they tend to unfold.

      But overall, liquidity was a problem as you pointed out..However
      spotting matches will most likely give you a good opportunity to trade
      in and getting your ‘trade outs’ MATCHED which is the ultimate
      objective of any trade!

  • michael marsh Posted March 4, 2013 8:02 pm

    Excellent stuff Patrick , have started trading with small stakes as I am new to tennis trading , plenty of green though!

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 4, 2013 8:22 pm

      That’s great Michael! Keep us informed of your progress. Patrick.

  • Silvana Siskov Posted March 7, 2013 11:09 am

    Hi Patrick,
    I find very difficult to find the right moment to trade out. For instance, on Monday the match between Voegele and Vickery, you suggested to BH on Voegele. She didn’t lead until last couple of games of the match, but eventually she won. I traded out half way second set after her serve was broken and she already lost first set. And I lost quite a bit of money. I think I read about this particular match from another member’s comment. I had the same problem. I didn’t manage to get to 1.15, which is what you suggested.
    I’ve been in this situation several times when I trade out with a loss, but player who I backed wins at the end. Do I suppose to trade out as soon as the player I backed lose his serve and then I try to make some money afterwards during the match or what?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 7, 2013 1:09 pm

      Hi Silvana

      Indeed I saw a similar comment where another person mentioned about
      the Voegele match.

      Voegele broke the very first game of this match to 0 and the odds I
      know did come to 1.15 and 1.17 for a milli second as some of my bets
      did get matched. The market was however not at all liquid at the start
      and that maybe the reason why you didn’t have your bet matched.

      However, in relation to how this match went later on, it was extremely
      hard to trade! Simple reason being, it was almost a one sided affair
      in Vickery’s favour. The simple method to deal with such matches is
      trading out early on!! Especially if you have a big stake in, there is
      absolutely no problem in trading out with an ACCEPTED loss by you. I
      have mentioned this in my earlier response as well. The more you wait
      with HIGH STAKES the more you are likely to LOSE.

      Hence if it becomes a ‘see -saw’ affair early on, trade it out early
      to minimize further damage! It is extremely important to consider a
      plan! If you don’t have a getting out plan you pretty much are stuck
      in a cage.

      Honestly, to be fair to you, it was not the easiest of matches to
      trade early on. But later there were enough and I mean enough
      opportunities! Had you traded out at least after the first set, you
      should have definitely made profits towards the end! It takes time to
      get to that level straight away but take these big mistakes as big
      lessons. It’s really the mistakes that make you a better trader! So be
      patient, I am sure you will turn things around if you follow the tips.

      Stick to my BH tips more if you feel, as you can trade with normal
      stakes instead of BH so you can slowly increase your capital!

      Thanks for reading and good luck Silvana!

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