Tennis Trading Tips Profit Margins Wimbledon Days 1, 2 and 3 section of the website gives you a daily profit margin for Wimbledon.

Here’s how this approximate profit margin is calculated.

The default stake is 100 units.

For low stakes:

For every successful tip, I will apply the profit as 10%, in this case
10 units.
For every unsuccessful tip, I will apply -20% or -20 units.

For BH stakes:

For every successful BH, +40 units is applied.
For every unsuccessful BH, – 60 units is applied.


All successful HOT TIPS will have a +30 unit profit
All unsuccessful HOT TIPS will incur a -40 unit loss.

As you can see that I am giving an edge to losses to make the overall
profits fair!

Calculation of profit margins:

(Successful tips * 10) – (Unsuccessful tips * 20) + (HOT TIPS PROFITS / LOSSES)

DAY 1 Profit Margins:

10 / 15 Successful

Hot tips = 1 Successful, Low stakes = 9 considered, BH = none given

Calculation of overall profit: ( 9 * 10 = 90 ) – (5 * 20) + 30(Hot Tip) = 20

So overall, you should have a got a 20 unit profit or a 20% return for
today’s tips. I’m happy with anyone achieving 10%
daily. So getting twice that target is definitely
something positive!

DAY 2 Profit Margins:

Stats Results: 13 / 17 Successful

Hot tips: 2 / 2 Successful, Low stakes = 11 considered, BH = none given

Calculation of overall profit: (11 * 10 ) – (4 * 20) + 60(Hot Tips) = 110 – 80 + 60 = 90

That’s a 90 unit or 90% profit from a stake of 100 which is almost 5
times our day 1 profit achieved!!

A really good day 2 for us!

DAY 3 Profit Margins:

Stats Results: 7 / 8 Successful

Successful Low stakes matches (Succ. LM) = 3

Successful BH/LH matches = 4

Calculation of overall profit = (10 * Succ. LM) – (20 * Unsucc. LM) +
or – (BH/LH Profits)

= (10 * 3 ) – (20 * 1 ) + (40 * 4)

= 30 – 20 + 160

= 170

A massive 170% profit or 170 units from a 100 unit stake.

Simply an amazing day for us!!

I understand that all traders cant trade all matches and that results for each member will vary depending on which matches they traded. However, the feedback so far for this years Wimbledon has been very very positive and it seems that the members are doing very well indeed. Keep the mails and messages coming in and good luck to all of us for the rest of the tournament!!


  • Leif Gustafsson Posted June 27, 2013 12:13 pm

    Looking good. I tried to join the match when the favorite lost first set like one of the strategies. My choices was Nadal Kirilenko and yesterday Sharapova. Good choices eh? Lost some money there. The hardest part is to red out in time. Not sure when to do it. The favorite should turn the game around you think but not in these matches and it is a loss. Lost about 80% of the stake in all thoose matches. Not good but i guess i will learn by time. Otherwise it works just fine. Just a few weeks in this so I am a rookie and learning the hard way 🙂

    • Patrick Ross Posted June 29, 2013 6:36 am

      Hi Leif

      Thanks for your comment. Indeed Kirilenko loss hurt us a bit but it
      didn’t affect us a lot overall as our BH/LH strategies have been
      running pretty smooth since. However, Sharapova and Nadal were indeed
      massive upsets! I wouldn’t have predicted that especially after what
      Nadal has done after coming back from injury. He has won 7 out of 9
      tournaments he has participated in including a Hard Court. Sharapova
      on the other hand has been in amazing form as well only losing to

      The lesson here is to start the first few days with low stakes
      (something that I constantly advise).

      Good luck mate..

  • Peter Waller Posted June 27, 2013 6:15 pm

    I think your trading tips are excellent but I am not clear how you have worked out your profit margins. On your minimum stakes your loss is double your potential profit. On that rather optimistic basis surely the loss on BH should be 80 units and on Top Tips 60 units. Or does the higher profit level come from something other than just increasing the stake level?
    Please explain,

    Yours Peter

    • Patrick Ross Posted June 27, 2013 10:15 pm

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for the appreciation of the tips first of all!

      The profit margins are just an approximation. I have given an edge to
      the losses which basically means the unsuccessful side of the
      tips/strategies can be highlighted easily by just looking at the daily
      profit margins.

      In relation to BH, personally, if I stake heavy on a match, my target
      is around 40 to 50% so I’m happy with 40. However, again it is worth
      noting I am increasing the losses if my tips go wrong to 60 units
      which again shows I am giving priority to my losses more in relation
      to the stats. The Hot tips are more of an intermediate thing that’s
      why I put it around 30 units.

      Basically, I am prioritizing my losses more than my wins. Hence, my
      tips and strategies have to be really good for us to achieve something
      brilliant. So far however, things are looking very colourful which I
      am sure you’ll admit.

      Let’s hope this carries on for the long run..

      Cheers 🙂

  • Mariusz Grzyb Posted June 28, 2013 5:29 am

    When we get the tips with Back/Lay or vice versa odds than we get a profit margin on the bet. If we deal with regular tips for example and green out lets say we get 25u profit staking 100u. So your stop loss should be double that. So Back/Lay 1.5/1.2 with 100u means backing with 100u at 1.5 and laying off with 125u at 1.2 for 25u profit. Stop loss should be than set at 50u so we need to put stop loss by laying off at higher odds. In our case 50u laid off at 3.0 odds will give us loss of 50u. If we lay off 75u at 2.0 than our loss is 25u – the same as targeted profit. Using these guidelines there is a problem with calculating overall profit because each tip carries different profit potential. They usually vary between 15% and 35% of our stake. 1.5/1.2 is different than 1.6/2.2 for example. You have to use your own judgement. In our case 1.5 going to 1.2 usually means one break for favorite and if he is broken once than you enter sub 2.0 territory. In case of BH/HOT tips our stakes are higher. If we deal with the same tip we stake 400/300 units to achieve correspondingly higher profit and adjust a lay stake and odds for a potential loss. BH/HOT tips have lower loss ratio than the regular ones.
    Thats my understanding. In any case 70% ratio for any category will mean profit.
    But of course BH/HOT are more relevant because of higher stakes.

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