Tennis Trading Tips Results Wimbledon Day 1

downloadHighlights of the day:

Hot Tip on Tsurenko was spot on and tip on Hewitt winning in 3 as an underdog!

1. Reister v Rosol: Unsuccessful (Unfortunately, eventhough Rosol had
a few chances, he was never quite in the lead)

2. Robert v Falla: Successful (Strategy wise this worked easily as
Robert odds went about 20 -30 decimals more than our target of 2. A
rather tight match and Falla never capitalised on his lead)

3. Gicquel v Pospisil: Successful

4. Matosevic v Rufin: Successful

5. Dustin Brown v G.Lopez: Unsuccessful (A big upset here)

6. Kamke v Benneteau: Successful (I can definitely make this
successful as Kamke was in this match and the odds did hit over 1.5
even before the 3rd set finished)

7. Hewitt v Wawrinka: Successful easily (I predicted this to be one of
the markets of the day. Not just that, I specified it could go to
Hewitt in 3 sets. Both spot on here and well done anyone who took that
really unlikely tip on 3 sets that few would have predicted

8. Arrubarrena v Tsurenko: Successful (HOT TIP of the day and you can see why!)

9. Baltacha v Pennetta: Unsuccessful (Baltacha was never in this match

10. Cornet v King: Successful

11. Espinosa v Doi: Unsuccessful (The strategy failed here as Espinosa
was poor in the first set but she stormed back to win this match and
blew away Doi in the 3rd! The tip was spot on here hence)

12. Voegele v Cirstea: Successful (I can make this successful as our
odds did hit the target in the first set itself eventhough Cirstea
started poorly. It’s a shame this didn’t go to 3 sets as it looked
very likely at one point!)

13. Bertens v Shvedova: Unsuccessful (Bertens was rather poor in this
match and the market didn’t move in our favour much early on)

14. Stephens v Hampton: Successful easily

15. Tomljanovic v Jovanovski: Successful (Predicted to be a contender
for ‘match of the day’ and indeed it was a tough 3 setter!)

Overall: 10 / 15 Successful which is close to 70%

A great start to the tournament – from the mails I’ve gotten in this eve, it seems that everyone had a profitable day. Thanks for the comments and mails – they’re always appreciated and welcome. Remember guys, if there’s anything you want to share, please get in touch. I’m always here to answer…

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