Tennis Trading Tips Results Wimbledon Day 4

download1. Llodra v Seppi: Not considered (Unlucky for us as the strategy was
spot on early on)

2. Blake v Tomic: Unsuccessful

3. Brands v Berdych: Not considered (No match odds strategy given here
however the 3LAY will be deducted in the profit margins).

4. Raonic v Sijsling: – BH – Unsuccessful (Definitely went against us!)

5. Halep v Li: Successful

6. Lisicki v Vesnina: Successful

7. Martic v Pliskova: Successful (Pliskova became the favourite in the
first set)

8. Zakopalova v Beck: LH – Successful

9. Peng v Erakovic: Successful

10. Riske v Radwanska: Not considered (match to be played later)

Considered matches: 7

Successful = 5 / 7 = 71 %

BH/LH Successful = 1 / 2

Not our best day but a 70% is easily a positive stat for us..


Profit margins for Day 4:

Stats Results: 5 / 7 Successful

Low Stakes matches = 5, Successful = 4 => 10 * 40 units Profit

Extra stats: 3 LAY Given: 1 = Unsuccessful ( – 5 units to be applied)

Successful BH/LH = 40 – 60 = – 20

Calculation = (10 * Succ. LM) – (20 * Unsucc. LM) + BH/LH + (3 LAY)

= (10 * 4) – (20 * 1) – 20 – 5

= 40 – 20 – 20 – 5

= – 5

The Raonic match was the only reason why our stat is – 5 %

This is not at all worrying and it is worth noting that I haven’t put the
Llodra match as successful which would be the case for most of you if
you had traded out with a profit. Hence, – 5 should be taken as a
Worst Case Scenario which is generally unlikely to be, if you had
traded correctly! However, I will be sticking by our results. It shows
again even on a bad day we are not blowing up our bankroll!

Good luck for today!


  • Mariusz Grzyb Posted June 28, 2013 6:40 am

    Llodra tip i would consider successful. I got matched at 1.45 and im pretty sure the odds hit 1.4 bit later as suggested. Raonic was in my opinion mistake. This guy lost twice in a row his first match on grass in last 2 weeks. Now we have 3rd time. All loses
    were very easy. But you are smart after the fact hehe.

    • Patrick Ross Posted June 28, 2013 4:02 pm

      Hi Mariuz

      Thanks for your comment about the tip on Llodra. Indeed it should have
      been successful for most of you. But as a standard rule I’ve always
      deemed a ‘no result’ for matches that have retirements early. If the
      retirement happens later in the 5th set I will consider it. But I am
      confident if anyone took my advice, that was a green in their

      In relation to Raonic, what you said is spot on. He completely let us
      down in French Open as well. There is great talent in him but for us,
      he has been our Nemesis!!

      Good luck!

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