Tennis Trading Tips Stats 16th August

1. Djokovic v Isner: Successful (As you can see why I tipped this match. Isner definitely had a shot and he ended up the winner!)

2. Berdych v Murray: Unsuccessful (From Rubbish to being Brilliant and back to Rubbish again! That’s what Andy’s form has been in the last two tournaments. I thought he was terrible and almost looked like he couldn’t be bothered playing tennis. Credit to Berdych as he punished Andy for his loose play!)

3. Federer v Nadal: Unsuccessful (A bit unlucky here as Nadal found form only towards the end of the second set. Credit to Fed – he played the best he could. Overall a brilliant match to watch and a great one to trade!)

4. Vinci v Jankovic: (LAY HEAVY) : Successful easily (No problems here as this one was pretty much straightforward)

5. Serena v Halep: Successful

6. Wozniacki v Azarenka: Successful

Overall: 4 / 6 Successful 

For me, the only one that went truly against us was Murray, as Nadal won in the end rather comfortably!

However, the highlight of the day was definitely the LAY HEAVY on Jankovic. This match had streaming and she would have given you some decent profits if you took my tip!

Good luck today!

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  • Roberto Caricari Posted August 23, 2013 12:59 am

    Made a great profit on Jankovic…superb tip..I would have went the other way but glad I didn’t now!

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