Tennis Trading Tips Stats 24th September

1. Errani v Kuznetsova: Successful

2. Stephens v Bouchard: Unsuccessful (The strategy would have failed
early on as Stephens was way down in the first set. However she came
back strongly and should have won this in 2 sets)

3. Keys v Peng: Successful

4. Date Krumm v Stosur: Unsuccessful (For me this could have easily
been 3 sets and the match could have turned in Krumm’s favour. However
having been a break up first, she was never consistent in her serves)

5. Petkovic v Halep: Successful

6. Zemlja v Andujar: Successful (The injury to Zemlja let Andujar win
here but the strategy would have been spot on early on!)

7. Zverev v Zeballos: Successful

8. Devvarman v Viola: Successful

9. Kubot v Rosol: Successful

10. Karlovic v Tomic: Successful (Karlo winning the first set
made this successful)

11. Dulgheru v Medina: Unsuccessful (Shocking scoreline here and
Dulgheru must have really played horribly!)

12. Dolonc v Schmiedlova: Unsuccessful (Another shocking scoreline
against our player).

13. Zhang v Zheng: Successful (no problems here)

14. Jovanovski v Peer: Not considered (Walkover)

15. Shvedova v Saisai Zheng: Not confirmed yet (It’s possible this may
have been successful early on but I can’t confirm it yet. However in
the end the tip on Shvedova seemed right as she was indeed the winner)

Overall: 9 / 13 = 70%

I would say with the number of matches given, today was indeed an
extremely profitable day!

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