Tennis Trading Tips Stats: 3rd, 4th, 5th October 2014

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All profits are calculated for a Back/Lay LIABILITY Stake of 10 units. 

Oct 5: ( +16 units)

1. Djokovic v Berdych: TIP: Back Djoko@1.2, lay@1.05

Successful: +1.4 units

2. Kvitova v Sharapova: TIP: Lay Sharapova@1.56, back@2

Successful: +3.8 units

I believe the first break to Kvitova was good enough to make our strategy successful here..

3. Nishikori v Raonic: TIP: Lay Raonic@1.82, back@2.24

Successful: +2.2 units

4. Golubev v Wang: TIP: Back Golubev@1.67, lay@1.3

Successful: +2.8 units

5. Rosol v Thiem: TIP: Back Thiem@1.67, lay@1.3

Successful: +2.8 units

6. Dolgopolov v Agut: TIP: Back Agut@1.63, lay@1.25

Successful: +3 units

Overall: 6/6 successful: +16 units

The perfect day here!


Oct 4: ( -8.65 units)

1. Djokovic v Murray: TIP: Lay Djok@1.36, back@1.6

Unsuccessful : -4 units

2. Berdych v Klizan: TIP: Lay Berdych@1.26, back@1.6

Unsuccessful: -4 unit

3. Stosur v Kvitova: TIP: Back Kvitova@1.35, lay@1.16

Successful: +1.6 units

4. Sharapova v Ivanovic: TIP: Lay Sharapova@1.6, back@2.2

Unsuccessful: -4 units

5. Raonic v Simon: TIP: Back Raonic@1.34, lay@1.14

Successful: +1.75 units

Overall: 2/5 successful: -8.65 units

It’s worth noting that even though today was a day of loss, both the HOT TIPS were spot on..


Oct 3: ( +4.9 units)

1. Djokovic v Dimitrov: TIP: Back Djok@1.21, lay@1.05

Successful: +1.5 units

2. Isner v Berdych: TIP: Back Berdych@1.45, lay@1.2

Successful: +2.05 units

3. Kuznetsova v Sharapova: TIP: Lay Sharapova@1.3, back@1.7

Unsuccessful: -4 units

4. Serena v Stosur:


5. Simon v Johnson: TIP: Lay Simon@1.65, back@2

Even though Simon was up a break this didn’t last long as Johnson stormed back and should have won the first set blowing 2 set points.

Trading wise, this was successful..

Successful: +2.65 units

5. Nishikori v Chardy: TIP: BACK HEAVY, BH Nishi@1.31, lay@1.07

Successful: +6.7 units

After an early loss of serve, Nishi was simply unstoppable. BH was definitely the right tip hence..

7. Becker v Sock: TIP: Lay Sock@1.67, back@2.1

Unsuccessful: -4 units

A bit unfortunate a Becker stormed back to win this match after losing the first so we were indeed on the right player here..

Overall: 6 matches considered, 4/6 successful: +4.9 units



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