Tennis Trading Tips Stats April 27th 2014

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All profits are calculated for a Back/Lay LIABILITY Stake of 10 units.

Apr 27: ( +12.1 units)

1. Nishikori v Giraldo: Successful: +1.8 units

2. Dimitrov v Rosol: Successful: +1.45 units

3. Oprandi v Torro-Flor: Successful: +2.75 units

4. Sharapova v Ivanovic: Successful: +6.1 units

Overall: 4 / 4 Successful: +12.1 units

All our tips were spot on today.What an amazing week it’s been after a slow start. From memory, I think this week has been one of the most profitable mainly because all HEAVY tipped matches were spot on! If you had followed all tips with the stakes recommended, you would have seen over 60% ROI this week alone…

Hope you guys are enjoying the success!

Let’s keep it going…;)

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