Tennis Trading Tips Stats Fri 19th July 2013

1. Mannarino v Karlovic: Successful

2. Giraldo v Anderson: To be confirmed (I can’t verify whether this
hit our target in the very first game. Giraldo had 3 break points
then. However, since that first game, this completely went Anderson’s

3. Razzano v Pennetta: Unsuccessful

4. Larsson v Johansson: Successful

5. Monaco v Almagro: Successful

6. Verdasco v DelBonis: Successful (After a slow start, Verdasco
looked in good touch. But only he knows how he lost today!)

7. Haas v Fognini: Unsuccessful (Sad that Haas was overpowered yet
again by Fognini!)

8. Beck v Knapp: Unsuccessful (This was definitely the biggest upset
of the day as Beck was amazingly outclassed!)

9. Rus v Meusberger: Successful

10. Svitolina v Mayr: Successful

Overall: 6 / 9 Successful = 66% and 1 of 2 BH Successful

The biggest shock was definitely Beck today! However, yet again the
importance of delaying trades for High Stakes matches proves right.
You would have definitely minimized your losses and stayed away from a
big loss!

Good luck for later..

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  • Mariusz Grzyb Posted July 20, 2013 9:14 am

    Im not so sure about Verdasco. I think that his odds went way above 2 when he was down a break in a first set before he won it in a tiebreak. In 3 set he just ran out of gas. As to women i would not call Beck defeat a shocker. 2 women tournaments this week have only 1 player from top 30. Serena. The field is very weak. Halep and Barthel had injury problems and retired and yesterday Beck also had med treatment in 2 set but she was down 6-0 3-0 at this moment.We might consider it a voided tip.

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