Tennis Trading Tips Stats May 21st 2014

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All profits are calculated for a Back/Lay LIABILITY Stake of 10 units. 

May 21: ( +4.6 units)

1. Karlovic v Milojevic: TIP: Back Karlo@1.22, lay@1.06

   Successful: +1.5 units

2. Melzer v Sousa: TIP: Back Melzer@1.43, lay@1.16

   Unsuccessful: -4 units

   (I’m going to make this unsuccessful as Sousa had his chances early
    on and even a set point at one stage).

3. Dellacqua v Mchale: TIP: Back Mchale@1.6, lay@1.25

   Successful: +2.85

4. Goerges v Davis: TIP: Back Goerges@1.86, lay@1.45

   Successful: +2.8 units

5. Svitolina v Garcia: TIP: Back Svitolina@1.5, lay@1.2

   Successful: +2.5 units

6. Barthel v Beck: TIP: Back Beck@1.9, lay@1.4

   Unsuccessful: -4 units

7. Montanes v Querrey: TIP: Back Montanes@1.44, lay@1.2

   Unsuccessful: -4 units

8. Berlocq v Mahut: TIP: Back Berlocq@1.29, lay@1.06

   Successful: +2.15 units

9. Simon v Thiem: TIP: Back Simon@1.7, lay@1.4

   Successful: +2.1 units

10. Peng v Espinosa: TIP: Lay Peng@1.62, back@1.95

    Successful: +2.7 units

    (Slight delayed trading would have easily fetched some profit here
    as Espinosa was definitely the better player here!!)

Overall: 7/10 successful: +4.6 units



  • Profitcsinalo Posted May 23, 2014 11:32 pm

    At Peng v Espinosa match you said: “(Keep the stakes low here!)”
    How much unit you advise when you say keep the stakes low?
    I used 5 unit liability instead of the regular 10 unit.

    • Patrick Ross Posted May 24, 2014 7:01 pm

      A low stake would be something lesser than your normal stake. If you are staking 10 then halving it as 5 units is what I suggest. The advice is generally given as LOW STAKE due to concern of wild market movements early on in the match and especially if you are to lay the favourite.

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