Tennis Trading Tips Sunday 24th March 2013


Sunday’s Tips:


1. Kirilenko v Zakopalova:

S: Back Kiri @ 1.37, lay @ 1.2

2. Vinci v Suarez Navarro:

S: Back Vinci @ 1.68, lay @ 1.5

3. Ivanovic v Kuznetsova:

Probably the best trading market today.
If Ivanovic serves well, she can beat Kuzzy. I am surprised she is
favourite here.
Definitely lay her at the start!

S: Lay Ivanovic @ 1.81, back @ 2


4. Dolgopolov v Haas:

S: Lay Haas @ 1.82, back @ 2

5. Anderson v Tipsarevic:

This could in Tipsarevic’s favour for me. Hence lay Anderson.

S: Lay Anderson @ 1.68, back @ 2

6. Melzer v Kamke:

S: Back Melzer @ 1.6, lay @ 1.4


7. Cornet v Davis:

S: Lay Heavy on Cornet @1.72, back @ 2

8. Kerber v Cirstea:

S: BH on Kerber @ 1.31, lay @ 1.18

9. Nishikori v Malisse:

S: BH on Nishikori @ 1.28, lay @ 1.16

10. Ramos v Blake:

BH on Blake @ 1.57, lay @ 1.3

Good luck for the 10 matches today!


  • Paul Mac Posted March 25, 2013 1:17 am

    Hello mate.
    I must admit as a football trader I hadn’t ever considered trading on the tennis, but after a few days I’m extremely happy I did. I can’t believe the speed and the frequency in the odds changes. All very exciting. Anyway I’d just like to ask a quick question. When doing the back and lay do u lay for the same amount protecting tour stake and locking in a bigger profit on tour initail fancy or do you lay more guarantying a profit what ever the outcome?
    Cheers in advance and keep up the good work.

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 25, 2013 12:08 pm

      Hi Paul

      First of all, welcome to Tennis trading since you are new to it. It is
      way different from football in trading and you will see the reasons as
      you trade a lot of matches. Please refer the FAQ on the site just to
      give you an idea what my advice is when it comes to
      trading Tennis.

      In relation to your question about staking; no I don’t stick with the
      same amount. Every tennis match is different, every player’s form is
      different from the previous day. There are always risks associated
      with it and you should have a proper money management plan when you
      trade. As an example I can point out a BH match I gave as a tip
      yesterday between Kerber and Cirstea. My tip was that Kerber odds
      would decrease less than 1.2 in the first set early and it indeed did.
      This was obviously a high stakes match hence there are risks
      associated if things go wrong. Very interestingly, Kerber having got
      below that odds, in fact just hitting our tipped price, never went
      down further and it was a one-way traffic in Cirstea’s favour since.
      This means you have had to trade it out with my exit strategy soon. I
      am only mentioning this match to say that markets behave violently
      mostly and hence, stakes have to be constantly increased or decreased

      Unlike trading in horse racing where the same stake is enough to trade
      in ladder, you can’t really apply that in tennis if you want to get
      the right profits. Football obviously is a team game so one player
      getting injured doesn’t affect the market much as it does in tennis
      where the market WILL go in the opposite direction!

      Hope my answer helped. Good luck mate!

  • Silvana Siskov Posted March 25, 2013 11:37 pm

    Hi Patrick,
    I’d like to know how you did trading in the match between Vinci v Cornet this evening as Vinci’s odds didn’t go down until the end of 3rd set? I traded out too soon, so I lost some money. I know there was opportunity for trading again during the match, but how can I know at which point I should start again? Can you tell us a little bit about exit strategy in this situation where you suggest us to back extra heavy, but the player who we backed doesn’t start winning until the end of 3rd set.
    Thank you.

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 26, 2013 2:35 pm

      Hi Silvana

      Thanks for your message. The Vinci match was a bit of a drama in the
      end and I gave this as a tip as there was definitely word around that
      Cornet was in a bit of a fitness crisis after her last match so I was
      hoping a rather easy one in Vinci’s favour. The odds on Cornet hit
      almost 7 in the second game but that meant still we missed our mark
      early on by 1 or 2 decimal places.

      It was a bit unlucky in that regard but let’s look at the real situation.

      You mention you did trade out with a loss. There is no problem in
      trading out but in very highly tipped matches just make sure next time
      you have an absolute minimal loss in the Vinci side so that if indeed
      she fights back (which she did), our losses from the trade out are
      going to keep on reduce! Basically all I am saying is that, the tip
      itself, being on Vinci, meant you should not have a loss in her side
      of the market or at least it should be a very minute loss.

      This match wasn’t streamed and I am sure you could have got out with a
      lesser loss had it been a live streamed match but unfortunately it

      I am sure you will be able to recover any losses through future
      matches. So be confident on that!

      In relation to the exit strategies in general, they are all mentioned
      in the FAQ. Please refer to the guidelines at the top and also No.16
      in relation to Stop loss. Those are indeed valuable information to
      help you out.


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