Tennis Trading Tips Wed 24th April

Wednesday’s Tips:

All times are UK/Irish and are subject to change..

BRD Nastase:

1. 12:30 – Rosol v Seppi:

Back Seppi @1.44, lay @1.2

2. 12:45 – Troicki v Kamke

Lay Troicki @1.71, back @2

3. 15:00 – Simon v Nieminen

Back Simon @1.87, lay @1.5

4. 16:15 – Monfils v Brands

Back Monfils @1.67, lay @1.4


5. 10:00 – Dmitrov v Robredo

Back Dmitrov @1.54, lay @1.3

(can be considered for BH)

6. 10:00 – Raonic v Roger Vasselin

Back Raonic @1.25, lay @1.1

7. 11:15 – Klizan v Montanes

Back Klizan @1.9 , lay @1.6

8. 12:30 – Tomic v Monaco

Back Monaco @1.32, lay @1.1

(Can be considered for BH)

9. 13:45 – Kavcic v Granollers

Lay Graonollers @1.55, back @1.7

10. 15:00 – Paire v Andujar

Likely 3 setter here..consider laying the 1st set winner

Backing Paire at the start may be more profitable, hence:

Back Paire @1.95, lay @1.6

11. 16:15 – Ramos v Janowicz

Back Ramos @1.5, lay @1.3

Grand Prix de Sar WTA

12. 12:00 – Hantuchova v Puchkova

Back Hantu @1.37, lay @1.2

13. 13:15 – Schiavone v Martic

Back Schiavone @1.75, lay @1.5

(can be considered for BH)

14. 15:45 – Knapp v Cornet

Back Cornet @1.8, lay @1.6

(A possible 3 setter here…)

Porsche WTA

15. 11:00 – Ivanovic v Petrova

Lay Ivanovic @1.55, back @1.8

16. 11:00 – Lucic v Li

Lay Li@1.14, back @1.3

(This is the only low odds on lay price that I feel like giving today
as Lucic looked amazingly good yesterday. Hence consider laying Li if
she wins the first set easily or even at the start as the risk would
be less!)

17. 11:00 – Pavlyuchenkova v Makarova

Back Makarova @1.85, lay @1.6

18. 11:00 – Suarez Navarro v Wozniacki

Back Wozniacki @1.45, lay @1.3

(A likely 3 setter here, keep Wozniacki side with a minimal loss at all times)

19. 12:15 – Barthel v Safarova

Back Barthel @1.54, lay @1.25

20. 16:00 – Mattek Sands v Wickmayer

Back Mattek Sands @1.75, lay @1.45

21. 17:00 – Goerges v Flipkens

Lay Flipkens @1.94, back @2.2

22. 18:30 – Stosur v Jankovic:

Lay Stosur @1.95, back @2.2

I have given a couple of matches today to consider for BH..Still
haven’t put a BH section today as its early days in the tournaments.
You will likely see some BH matches tomorrow..

Hot tips:

Dmitrov, Monaco, Wozniacki and Monfils..

Good luck…


  • Silvana Siskov Posted April 24, 2013 10:27 pm

    Hi Patrick,
    I wonder if you could tell us for each match at what odds to lay the player that we backed if he/she is losing, and not only if they are winning. This would help me a lot as I often trade out too late, so I lose more money than I should.

    • Patrick Ross Posted April 25, 2013 1:36 pm

      Hi Silvana

      I have to say I’m afraid I have to leave the loss limits to you or the
      trader. I have clearly indicated what loss % you should be wary about
      when you are trading especially high stakes, in the FAQ. Please look
      through it. I can’t suggest any match to be traded out early
      especially if they are low stakes hence its not worth giving the loss
      limit for each match as each trader’s stake is different to mine.
      Sometimes I trade with 10 quid where I am willing to lose upto 50 to
      60% on a low stake match and that’s really my wish. When I trade high
      stakes from 200 above I trade out sometimes very early if I see things
      going against me and try to opt back in the trade when the conditions
      seem better.

      The real question is always about how much you are willing to lose on
      any trade and I can’t advice on you on that because I don’t know the
      stakes of each person or your bankroll. Hence, taking my general
      advice from the FAQ is better.

      If you want someone to specifically advice you on a live trade I have
      fellow pro traders who I exchange information with at times who will
      be willing to help. They can advice you throughout the trading session
      on a fee basis. I don’t have time to do it personally.
      Let me know if you would like that, else please go
      through the FAQ. Also please bear in mind, live trading is rather
      different to than executing my tips. Take my tips as an extra advice
      to get through your trades.


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