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Thanks for joining Tennis Trading League’s Tennis Betting Tips Service. You will get the tips straight to your inbox each day as soon as they’re available.

Please sign up below to make sure you get the betting tips! If you don’t sign up using the form at the bottom, you wont get them!! They will not be available on the website..only via email.

I wont be giving tips every single day. If I don’t feel confident enough, I will wait for a better opportunity. However, I will give 30 tips (at least) per month so don’t worry if you don’t get them for a day or two.
This is more likely to happen at the start of tournaments (the qualifying rounds) when matches are a bit more unpredictable, and the players less well known.

Please don’t judge the tips as a failure if they don’t work out on your first day!! Betting tips are designed to give a weekly/monthly income. One day’s losses will be easily recoverable in the following days. Not all days will be winning days.

I send out one mail every day. If you join the service after the mail has been sent, you will get your first tips the following day.

As with trading, don’t put your full bankroll on the first tip I give!! I recommend 1-5% (max) of your bankroll. Using this much will allow you to recover if the first tip goes against us. If you put all your money and lose, you will need to find more money and making the loss back will take longer. Remember 5% is the MAXIMUM I recommend.

Remember, if you are unhappy, all you need to do is mail me and I’ll give you your money back no questions asked.

I want the tips to be successful for everyone in the long term, and so far they have been – returns might be modest if you use 10 unit stakes, but as your bank grows and your confidence in the tips grows, you will earn much more.

Good luck to all and thanks again for joining the service.

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