Tennis Tips/Strategies for Thursday 21st Feb 2013
ATP Copa Claro:

1. Kuznetsov v Almagro: (copied from yesterday with adjusted odds)

S: Back heavy on Almagro @1.15, lay @1.08

Safer option: Wait out the first set, back Almagro (not heavy if he
loses the first), back heavy if he wins the first. Profit would be low
here as odds are too low anyway!

You can ignore this match completely if you wish as the odds are low
as I pointed out!

2. Montanes v Bonis:

(Odds were 1.77 on Bonis yesterday and have shrinked to a shocking
1.65 at the moment.)

I feel changing the strategy here is the better option.

Safer option: Wait out the first set completely. If Bonis wins it
easily, lay him for a small amount, if Montanes wins, lay Monta for a
bigger amount! This may indeed go in Bonis’s favour in 2 sets so its
good to have your money on his side mostly.

Else, back Bonis @1.65, lay @1.5. Don’t trade heavy at the start!

WTA Dubai:

3. Vinci – Stosur :

S: Lay Stosur @1.71, back @1.9
A likely 3 setter here!

4. Petrova v Errani:

Errani had a slight injury issue yesterday but still won the match
comfortably. A possible 3 setter here. Whoever serves better should
win this.

S: Back Petrova @1.8 for a small amount, lay @1.65. This actually
maybe a tough one to call hence don’t trade heavy!

5. Wozniacki v Bartoli:

Wozniacki has blew away her opponents so far and with no Azarenka or
Serena active in this tournament now, she should definitely be one of
the top 3 favorites to win this!

S: Back HEAVY on Wozniacki @1.3, lay @1.15

6. Kvitova vs Radwanska:

Possibly the match of the day. If Kvitova is to win this I feel it may
take her 3 sets. Radwanska has in her ability to finish this one in 2
hence I feel the odds of 1.74 are right on Radwa.

S: Back Radwa @1.74, lay@1.5

This may be a rather tight one to call hence a great one to trade. You
can lay the winner of the first set if you wish but have your money on
the Radwanska side more as I feel even if Kvitova wins the first set,
Radwanska may storm back to win this!

ATP Open 13:

7. Tipsarevic v Tursunov:

S: BH on Tipsarevic @1.35, lay @1.2 or lower.

Tursunov looked good yesterday but if Tipsarevic has no injury issues
this should be an easy Game Set Match in his favour!

8. Simon v Bautista:

S: Back Heavy on Simon @1.25, lay @1.1

Simon looked great yesterday and definitely should be one of the top 3
to win this tournament now!

9. Llodra vs Del Potro:

S: Lay Del Potro @1.35, back @1.6

Llodra’s game is perfect for this fast french court. He may win this
in 2 but if Del Potro wins the second set after losing the first, he
may win the 3rd easily!

10. Benneteau v Jancowicz:

Benneteau for me is the better player here. A possible 3 sets here.

S: BH on Benneteau@ 1.8, lay @1.5


11. Russell v Kubot:

Kubot for me is rightly the favourite @1.8. A likely 3 setter here.

S: Back Kubot (not heavy) @1.8, lay @1.6

12. Hewitt vs Istomin:

Istomin is a very decent player these days. This could be a 3 setter.

S: Back Istomin @1.65, lay@1.4

13. Cilic v Sijsling:

S: Back Cilic @1.25, lay @1.1


14. Flipkens vs Rybarikova:

1.58 on Flipkens at the start seem a bit low for me. Hence lay her!

S: Lay 1.59 Flipkens , back @1.7 (dont trade heavy as this can still
go in Flipkens’ favour in 2 sets)

15. Hampton vs Erakovic:

S: BH on Hampton @1.55, lay@1.3 or less. I feel Erakovic will lose this today!

16. Voegele v Watson: No proper prices yet. But go in Watson’s favour
with low stakes.

17. Mladenovic vs Lisicki: No prices yet again, Go in Lisicki’s favour here!

WTA Copa Colsanitas:

18. Arrubarrena v Pennetta:

Very happy to see the clay court specialist Pennetta back. Was always
one of my favourite women to watch!

S: Back Pennetta @1.7, lay @1.5

19. Cadantu v Mrdeza

Cadantu plays ok on clay so I prefer going for her at the start here.

S: Back Cadantu @1.66, lay@1.45

20. Dominguez v Knapp:

A possible fluctuating market here.

Safer option: Lay the winner of the first set

Else: Lay Dominguez early @1.66, back @1.85

20 matches given today!

Good luck!

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Good luck lads!

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