Tips/Strategies for Friday 22nd Feb 2013

ATP Copa Claro:

1. Robredo v Reister:

S: Lay Robredo in the 1.42, Back @1.6

Don’t trade heavy as this may go in favour of Robredo easily.Safer option: To wait out the first set, back Robredo if he loses the first!
2. Del Bonis v Almagro:

Laying Almagro maybe the better option here as eventhough he won
yesterday Kuznetsov had his chances. Del Bonis looked solid today and
if he serves well he will have a chance!

S: Lay Almagro @1.2, back @1.35

WTA Copa Colsanitas:

3. Vecino v Knapp:

Definitely back Vecino at the start as she looked great beating
Penneta yesterday!

S: Back@1.65, lay @1.45

4. Minella v Pereira:

Pereira could be a future name for womens tennis.

S: Back Pereira @1.7, lay @1.4.5. Torro Flor v Ormechea:Tough one to call here, likely 3 setter.

Safer option: Wait out the first set, lay a small amount on the winner
of the 1st!

Else, back in Torro Flor’s favour at the start. Back@1.75, lay @1.6,
Don’t trade heavy at the start here!

6. Jankovic v Cadantu:

Prices, not proper here but back Jankovic at whatever price you get,
lay @20 decimals below.

WTA Dubai:

7. Errani v Vinci:

Two great friends here. It’s a shame this wasn’t a final as both have
played superb so far!

S: Lay Vinci @1.99, back @2.25. This maybe a likely 3 setter!

8. Kvitova v Wozniacki:Kvitova thrashed Radwanska yesterday hence odds for me are right.
There is a slight chance this could be the match of the tournament if
Wozniacki fights back from nowhere to win this one! Hence keep that
possibility in mind! (A possible 1.03 or 1.04 lay price here might
shoot up at some point on Kvitova!)S: Back Heavy on Kvitova @1.6, lay@1.3

ATP Open 13:

9. Berdych v Janowicz:

Overall game Berdych is supreme so should go in his favour at some
point in the match.. Don’t trade heavy!

S: Back Berdych @1.41, lay@1.2.

Safer option: Wait out the first set. If Janowicz wins it, lay him!10. Simon v Del Potro:Another possible 3 setter here.
As well as Simon has played here I feel Del Potro will win this !

S: Back Del Potro @1.36, lay@1.25.

Safer option: Lay the winner of the first set even if Del Potro wins the first!

Don’t trade heavy!

11. Tomic v Tsonga:

Free money on Tsonga here for me.

S: Back HEAVY on Tsonga @1.3, lay @1.18

12. Tursunov v Muller:

Tursunov caused a huge shock beating Tipsarevic yesterday. This could
be a very tight one to call and a possible 3 setter.

S: Back Tursunov @1.9, lay @1.75.

Possible the best scalping market for today!!

ATP Memphis:

13. Russell v Istomin:
Eventhough Istomin has played well I feel Russell may cause an upset here.

S: Lay Istomin @1.4, back @1.75

14. Cilic v Nishikori:

The winner of this match for me is likely to be in winner of this tournament!
Rather tough one to call but laying Cilic at some point is likely as
there is a likelihood of a 3 setter here!

S: Lay Heavy on Cilic @1.84, back @2.2

WTA Memphis:

15. Rybarikova v Lisicki:

S: Back Lisicki @1.45, lay@1.2
A likely 3 setter!

16. Voegele vs Erakovic:

Prices will be around the 1.85 range on Voegele.
S: Lay Voegele @1.85, back@2.1

Safer option: Likely 3 setter here, hence lay winner of the first
for a small amount!

Good luck for the 16 matches!



  • Phil Aspinall Posted February 22, 2013 10:16 am

    Patrick I found the ‘hot tips’ at the end quite useful the other day, and not everyone is in the position to trade on every match, like me some may have to cherry pick. Can you continue to identify these please?

    • Patrick Ross Posted February 22, 2013 2:03 pm

      Hi Phil,
      I’ll be highlighting the main tips from tomorrow – get back to me if you have any more suggestions. Anything that I can do to improve the site for members will be done!!

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