Trading Examples: Turning 8 quid into 58!!

8 to 58The following is a trade that I made during the Serena v Cibulkova match.

After getting broken first, Cibulkova’s odds went to as much as 30 or
above at one stage. Since then Cibulkova stormed back. I jumped into
the trade when the score was 3-2 in Cibu’s favour. I laid @1.22 for 37
quid , liability of 8 quid.

From then on Cibulkova stormed to win the first set and was up 3-0 in
the second when I felt Serena was actually playing better. What I did
first was trade the market out completely @ 1.45 odds with a profit of
22 units. I believe the score was 3-1 at the time. I opted to watch
the match a bit more before I hopped into my next trade. Indeed
Cibulkova and Serena held their services then. When it was 4-2 and
0-30 on Cibu’s serve I made a risky but very calculated trade of
laying 48 units @ 1.63 on Cibulkova. The liability here is 30, but my
profit already was 22, meaning I was putting my original 8 plus 22 to
make this trade happen. Indeed Serena won that game to love and from
then on was a one way traffic in her favour, exactly as I had hoped

The third set started with Cibulkova having 30-30 in the first game, I
traded this market out @ 1.19 for 65.23 units to give me a profit of
58 of a maximum 70 units. The screenshot price as you can see has a
lay price of 1.09, meaning Serena had broken that game and if I had
left the trade on, I would have won more. I preferred not being too
greedy and am happy with my 58 that was made from a low stake. This is
an example to show how being patient for a few games early on can help
you out later. Remember, I did not trade this market at all in the
first 5 games. That delay is usually a good sign of patience!(that
every trader needs!).

Hope some of you made money on the Serena match as it was definitely
worth trading eventhough I did not mention it in my tips, the reason
being, Serena, if she’s on fire, can blow away anyone! Gladly she
caught fire only from the second set onwards meaning I had enough time
to cash in before that! Thank you Serena 😉


  • Peter Hayes Posted March 27, 2013 1:07 pm

    Hi Patrick,

    Great review of the Williams trade. It would be good to have a regular write up with screenshots, especially when trades go against you at first!

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 27, 2013 6:32 pm

      Hi Peter,
      I’ll put them up as often as I can! Patrick.

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