Trading Tips stats Thurs 11th April

1. Vinci v Bertens: Successful

2. Begu v Cadantu: Not considered (Likely this became successful in
the very first game but I can’t verify it so for the time not
considering this match)

3. Craybas v Peer: Unsuccessful

4. Zemlja v Laaksonen: Successful

5. Klizan v Volandri: Unsuccessful

6. Haase v De Schepper: Successful

7. Querrey v Williams: Unsuccessful

8. Isner v Sock: Successful

9. Ginepri v Alund: Successful

10. Smyczek v Monaco: Successful

Considered matches: 9, successful : 6

Back Heavy:

11. Anderson v Busta: Successful

12. Hidalgo v Verdasco: Unsuccessful

Successful: 1 / 2

Overall: 7 / 11 = 65%

The main shocking result yesterday was Verdasco as I wouldn’t have
predicted that scoreline against Hidalgo which did let us down. Still
I hope Anderson made you some money before this happened!

Good luck for today..

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