Trading Tips Stats Tues 16th April – 87% Matosevic v Verdasco: Successful

2. Ramos v Stepanek : Successful

3. Tipsarevic v Dmitrov: Successful (Got broken first but once he
broke back Dmitrov ran away with the match. Only considered as
successful as its a low stake match!)

4. Hanescu v Granollers: Successful

5. Kohli v Andujar : Successful

6. Janowicz v Anderson: Successful

7. Monfils v Montanes: Successful

8. Gulbis v Isner: Unsuccessful

(Gulbis won this but was a double break down in the first set making
his odds go to 3 at one stage, meaning the strategy failed early.
Hence unsuccessful!)

Overall: 7 / 8 Successful : 87 %

Good luck for later!

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