Trading Tips Stats Wed 17th April stats for 17th April:

1. Raonic v Nieminen: Unsuccessful

Raonic started far better and had he converted any of the breakpoints
early on this match would have been over fast. The odds missed our
target of 1.2 here by a few decimals which was a bit unlucky!

2. Fognini v Ramos: Successful

3. Mayer v Agut: Successful early on

4. Wawrinka v Montanes: Unsuccessful

5. Gulbis v Monaco: Successful

Back Heavy

6. Cilic v Anderson: Successful rather easily

Successful: 4 / 6 = 66%


  • Michal Posted April 18, 2013 8:21 am

    Hi Patrick
    Wawa match was unsuccessful, his odds were only at 1.32 at highest . Montanes was useless unfortunately….

    • Patrick Ross Posted April 18, 2013 6:41 pm

      Hi Michal

      Thanks for your comment. Do you have a screenshot to confirm this?

      You say Wawa’s price went to only 1.32 which I have to say I doubt! His
      initial price was in the 1.25 range. I have requested betfair
      for the data and its likely they will update the site for it in the
      coming week for this week’s data. If you are 100% sure about it, I
      have no problem in stating that as unsuccessful and shall update it
      accordingly 🙂 Obviously Wawa was the better player without a question
      so the better player deservedly won.

      Cheers mate…

  • Michal Posted April 18, 2013 9:12 pm

    Hi Patrick ,
    I use to make screenshots but not this one unfortunately. But I can assure you it didn’t reach 1.45 because my bet at 1.37 wasn’t taken. Then when I checked matched amounts on Bet Angel ladder I saw only meaningful amount was matched at 1.32 maybe also a bit at 1.35 but as I said it didn’t touch my 1.37 at all! I have layed Wawrinka at 1.22 before the match.

    I’m sure some other user might have seen this graph too

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