Watch Tennis Live When Trading On Betfair Or Not?

Using the Tennis Trading League System’s scalping methods it’s crucial to watch the match on TV as you just have to see the point is being scored. You’re even ahead of the bots scanning the market and applying algorithms depending on how the price moves.

But even if you don’t use these scalping methods and trade long term – it’s always useful to see the match live and get into the “feel” of the game.

By seeing the actual players in action – even if you’re not too much into tennis – will give you the edge over those who approach the tennis trading as a numbers game.

The odds move may tell you that the market is moving against you and you’ve already prepared the mouse for trading out with a loss. But what actually may be happening in court – the under-dog is going to serve in the next game and in this case he’s got an advantage over the favourite with an opportunity to score as he serves – as top players often do.

Have a look at the website and you will see the statistics for the first and second serve points won. Do you see how often the serving players score?

Of course – you can have a very good idea of who’s serving and who’s receiving just by following live score updates. But seeing the actual match live will allow you to blend into the market and breathe in the same rhythm!


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