Wimbledon day 10 Stats and Profit Margins

1. Paes/Stepanek v Dodig/Melo: Successful (This hit our target early
on and then went all the way down. At one point it was around 1.14 lay
price which would have made this one of the markets of the day.
Liquidity wise it was alright I thought!)

2. Bartoli v Flipkens: Unsuccessful (Definitely went against us this
one. I am surprised how consistent Bartoli stayed throughout the
match. If her serves remain spot on as it was today this could end up
as a cracking Wimbledon Finale!)

3. Lisicki v Radwanska: Successful (Pretty much everything spot on
here as I predicted. Lisicki won the first set easily, then odds went
down to less than 1.16 and jumped and Radwanska became favourite. I
definitely expected a choke here from Lisicki but credit to her she
just about survived! I am going to put an extra 10 profit on this
match as two further laying strategies were mentioned and both were
spot on)

Overall: 2 / 3 Successful = 66 %


Profit Margins:

Stats Results = 2 / 3 Successful

Successful low staked matches = 2 = 10 * 2 + 10(for extra tips on lisicki match)

= 20 + 10 = 30

Unsuccessful low staked matches = 1 * 20 = – 20 units

Overall profit = 30 – 20 = 10 units

What Flipkens did against us was sorted out perfectly by Radwanska vs
Lisicki match. In fact this was a highly profitable market had you
considered laying at very low odds on Lisicki! I have put only 10 unit
profit more here but it easily could be a 30 to 40 units of profit!

Again, well done to those who made some money on the Lisicki match as
it was definitely the match of the day!

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