Wimbledon Day 11 Results and Stats


4 / 4 Successful!


1. Djokovic v Del Potro: Successful (I can make this successful
overall, as it was a low stakes match and Del Potro definitely gave
Djokovic a good fight!)

2. Andy Murray: Successful ( I am going to make this successful for
the sole reason that there was enough advice on the strategies to make
you back Murray when his odds went high. In fact, the only way you
would have had a loss would have been if you had not traded out
before the tie-break in the first set. However, even if you had a loss
in this match during the first set, you should have backed Murray when
his odds were high enough. As a general point, I made it very clear
that anything from 1.5 was good value on Murray. In fact his odds
didn’t even hit 2 even when he was down a break in the 3rd set. That
just shows how tough of a player Murray was to beat today! Overall
this match was an excellent lesson to new traders out there as it
proves many of the points I gave yesterday and also it was very
synchronous to some of my articles on the site!)

I won’t consider this as a +40 win for BH, but only a +30 win as it
was tipped as BH + HOT TIP!

3. Groenefeld/Peschke v Barty/Dellacqua: Successful (After a shaky
start this did hit our target. However as predicted Barty/Dellacqua
came back from the brink of losing the first set to winning in 2 sets

4. Aoyama/Scheepers v Hsieh/Peng: Successful


4 / 4 Successful!

I am going to put BH as No Result today as Murray match should
definitely have got you some profit and there were no reasons for you
to be in loss here!


Profit Margins:

Successful low stakes Matches = 3 = 3 * 10 = 30

Hot Tip = 30

Overall: 60 profit

This was definitely a profitable day and sticking to my tips would not
have ended your day in loss for sure!

Good luck for the Finals!

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  • Mariusz Grzyb Posted July 6, 2013 9:38 am

    Generally its very difficult to have a success as a new trader if you dont spend a lot of time studying odds movement. And it depends on the faze of the match,underdog and favorite factor etc. Yesterday before Murray tiebreaker odds hovered between 1.23 and 1.18. Break of serve would mean 1.1 territory for Murray and tiebreak was an opportunity by laying off Murray at 1.21 to back him at 1.6 or higher if he lost. Due to Janowicz serve – his second serve hits 115-120 mph – there was a very good chance to profit. In such situation if you are 50% right you are in green. Patrick tips have a very good success rate but one needs to study odds movement. I will give a bonus advice as to trading… Lay off a front runner if he is at 5-7 range and sometimes in weaker field a perceived favorite even when he is not in the lead has such odds. After a first round. In 24 years of Masters for example only 1 golfer won after leading after first round. You play against 100 good guys at once and its difficult to fend them all off. Only problem might be liquidity. Yesterday a fav in States trailing leader by 2 had odds of 5.4 after 1 round. Now he is at 50-100 range. But you need to study odds movement again – sorry for changing a subject.

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