Wimbledon day 9 Stats and Profit Margins

1. Djokovic v Berdych: Successful (There was a bit of a trouble early
on but once Djokovic settled, this match was straightforward. I will
put this as a +5 unit win for the profit margin instead of +10 for the
reason that the odds were too low!)

2. Ferrer v Del Potro: Not considered (This match won’t be considered
for today’s stats eventhough the target was hit. The reason was due to
an injury to Del Potro)

3. Kubot v Janowicz: Successful (Definitely hit our target in the
first set. It’s a shame Kubot couldn’t win a set as I thought he
played pretty well!)

4. Verdasco v Murray: Not considered (I am not going to consider this
as the tip on Murray was eventually spot on and there was specific
advice on backing Murray if he was down a set and a break. The
strategy however failed early which doesn’t really matter as it was a
low stakes match anyways! It is fair to ignore this match for stats
hence. However, you should definitely have made a profit in this

5. Dodig/Melo v Blake/Melzer: Unsuccessful (It is possible the target
was hit early on in the first set as in the 7th game, Blake and Melzer
had around 4 break points which they didn’t convert. Since then it was
pretty much all Dodig and Melo. Due to liquidity issues, I will put a
-5 loss here)

Womens Doubles: No matches will be considered. However it’s worth
noting, three out of four matches were tradable and was definitely


Considered matches = 3, Successful = 2 / 3 = 66 %


Profit margins:

Successful low staked matches = 2 = 10 + 5 (only 5 given for djokovic match)

= 15 units

Unsuccessful low staked low liquidity match = – 5

Overall = 10 Units profit

Not the most eventful day, but do remember this was our worst case
scenario. In reality, the Ferrer match was successful and Murray match
could also have yielded profit.

If there is one Highlight to today, it is why I didn’t put Murray
match as BH. Now you know why!!

Good luck for tomorrow!

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