Wimbledon Final Day Results and Stats

1. Djokovic v Murray: Successful (I was surprised this ended in 3 sets
as Djokovic had enough chances to take it to a 4th set. Strategy wise,
this was pretty much straightforward as our target was hit

2. Mladenovic/Nestor v Soares/Raymond: Successful (I can easily make
this successful eventhough Mladenovic and Nestor lost the first set.
If you had delayed the trade at least for a game, this should have got
you a decent profit even before the first set was over. Here’s how :

Market started in favour of Soares/Raymond and early on
Mladenovic/Nestor went from being favourite to 2.5. This happened very
early on and hence you should have taken some sort of price between 2
or 2.5. I do not expect you to take the largest price but at least 2
was easily available. Assuming you took at 2, the market immediately
went the other way around and at one point from a favourite of around
1.65, Soares and Raymond became the underdog at 3.25!! That is a
MASSIVE SWING and hence you should have easily profited. Eventually
Mladenovic/Nestor lost the set but all the drama happened before that.
Also, if indeed you did not touch the market at all and you did not
trade out with a loss, you still would have hit the target as
Nestor/Mladen. stormed through the 2nd set and easily the market hit
less than 1.4 early in the 3rd set. I would not have considered this
market if Soares and Raymond were too dominant. But they weren’t early
on. Overall I felt the more consistent team won but indeed it was one
hell of a tradeable market!)

Successful : 2 / 2 = 100%

Profit Margins:

Successful low stake = 1 * 10 = 10 units

Successful BH = 1 * 40 = 40 units

Overall = 40 + 10 = 50 units!

Indeed a good day for us here!

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