Wimbledon Middle Sunday – Rest Day!! But what a week it’s been..

Since I started trading tennis ten years ago, I have seen many great tournaments and many shocks and upsets. I’ve seen many great comebacks, and many retirements due to injury. But have I seen so many of these elements combined in one tournament? Not in memory! Victoria Azarenka, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, John Isner, Marin Cilic, Radek Stepanek, Steve Darcis, Guido Pella, Philipp Kohlschreiber, Romina Oprandi, Paul-Henri Mathieu, Michael Llodra, Yaroslava Shvedova and Igor Sijsling have all dropped out injured! Amazing.

From 2015, Wimbledon will be played a week later than normal, to give three weeks instead of the normal two weeks between Wimbledon and the French Open. This could see a drop in the number of retirements at Wimbledon. However, there is no real proof that the short period between the two Majors is the cause of the retirements, so it may make no difference at all!

To see Nadal and Federer go out when we all took for granted we would see them play in the quarters was hard to believe. The same has to be said for Sharapova.
To see Lleyton Hewitt see off Wawrinka in straight sets was a delight to all except for Wawa’s own loyal supporters. Hewitt has always been a favourite of mine. The guy plays with heart and aggression and skill and fights for every point he wins. He has an attitude we all should aspire to. When I see him play, I can see the champion in him, though it’s likely he will never be a champion again. For me, that’s a real shame. As I write this I’m reminded of valentino Rossi’s first win in 3 years in Moto GP yesterday in Assen. I’m a fan of him too and I never thought I’d see him win again..bravo Vale!! I’d like to say the same of Hewitt but it just wont happen – in Moto GP, the bike does a lot of the work. In tennis, the body does more of the work..

For you Brits out there, I think you have to agree it’s been storming so far! A tremendous comeback by Robson today, and Murray must secretly believe he has one foot in the final. The absence of Nadal and Federer has lifted the hope of all British tennis fans. The boy from Dunblane, Scotland really has a great chance this year. One sizable obstruction of course is Novak Djokovic who seems to be at the top of his game. Chardy simply had no answer for him in the last round and he hasn’t lost a set yet. He is undoubtedly the deserved favourite to win the title, but personally I hope Murray does the job. Apologies to any Serbian readers, but with Nadal’s injury woes and Federer’s inevitable decline, we need someone to put it up to Djokovic.
And some advice to all British tennis fans..give Murray a break. He’s a great player even if he never wins Wimbledon. For us Irish, our great hope is/was Conor Niland(who?), and he’s not even irish!!

On the women’s side it’s hard to see past Serena Williams. As one of our members pointed out recently, it’s hard to see anyone beating her even if she plays at 60% capacity! And that wont happen. If she played in the ATP, where would she rank? Always hard to say, but she’d give a few of them a hard game! Radwanska, Li Na and Kvitova amongst others will have something to say before the end we hope.
In trading terms, let’s hope the great run continues. Luckily we have avoided most of the big upsets because I never tip huge favourites. So the likes of Nadal and Federer’s losses didn’t do us any harm. On top of being one of the most exciting Wimbledon’s in years it’s also been one of the most profitable. My personal highlight being the 3-0 prediction for Hewitt, the low point being Monaco’s match yesterday.

As you can already guess, we’ve ended week 1 of Wimbledon brightly. Of
course Monaco didn’t help us with the stats yesterday but overall what an
amazing week it’s been. We started the tournament patiently but as
the days went by, we convincingly beat markets with our High Stakes.

Week One Tips Stats:

Day 1:  10 / 15 Successful  = 66 % Highlight: Hewitt 3-0 win

Day 2:  13 / 17 Successful  = 76 %, Highlight: Both HOT TIPS were spot on


Day 3:  7 / 8 Successful =  87 % , BH Success rate: 4 / 4

Day 4:  5 / 7 Successful = 71 %,  BH Success rate: 1 / 2

Day 5:   8 / 11 Successful = 72 %,  BH Success rate: 2 / 2

Day 6:   8 / 12 Successful = 66 %,  BH Success rate:  0 / 1

Overall, 51 tips out of 70 tips have been spot on.

BH Stats Overall:

9 BH/LH tips were given altogether for the first week out of which 7
were successful.

Profit Margins by day:

Day 1: 20 % profit

Day 2: 90 % profit

Day 3: 170% profit

Day 4: 5 % loss

Day 5: 75 % profit

Day 6: 40 % loss

Adding up the profit margins, we’ve achieved 310 % profit. That’s treble your starting bank!

Our best day without a question was the 3rd day of the tournament.
This was the first day of BHing markets.
Please also note that 5% loss on day 4 is a worst case scenario. Most members should have profited on this day if they had followed my advice!

Good luck next week!


  • john knight Posted July 1, 2013 10:05 am

    Hi all,
    i watched the Djokovic and Murry matches with great interest,and as ever Serena”s demolition of the 42 yr old, who is an inspiration to all the young players out there.

    I have to say i still maintain that Serena will only lose if she inpodes on court emotionally.I have seen her do that at Eastbourne but that was two yrs ago if memory serves.Watching murry and djok going at it and looking at the odds currently,im actually fancying a hurdle called DelPotro at 6 ft 6 tall, and a former major winner being the only hurdle to a M/D final.Out of the two here i thought murry was great and got the job done clinically,perfect i thought until i saw Djok destroy totally chardy in such a fashion that it sent chills through me at the prospect of how Murry or anybody can possibly beat the guy……Murry was slick, Djok was not human on that court, and as much as it pains me to say it Murry would not live with that for more than 4 sets…..Djok has upped the levels yet again, the task now is for the other guys to try and catch up.I ve seen some great performances from the top four over the yrs, but i have not seen one as clinical as that apart from Federer at his very best some 5/6 yrs ago…….Awsome.Even Murry will not survive him if he maintains that level.The odds are way out in my mind, possibly the brits are forcing the issue here, but murry at 3.5 is more like it. and djok at 1.8…..just my view but murry has to go up a couple of notches to justify 2.74, its however making djoks 2.1 look value…..

    Just a note the next two in line are awsome players on there day,anybody fancy a complete upset……janowizc is a throw back to the nineties, and i actually hate his tennis, serves at 140, so no returns happen 95% of the time,but he is breezing through because of it……..only murry or Djok can eventually cope with that pace …given a set or two to read the dam speed of it.I hate it actually, it ruins the game for me but out of all of the others he is the main danger for me……

  • john knight Posted July 1, 2013 10:19 am

    Del potro,could implode under pressure with feeling that he is on the same level as the top 4 in the world,where as janowizc probably has no pressure and is not expected to get past either one of them, but with both these guys at 22/23 to win,i do feel a value punt there…….lets see, the way it gone thus far i may all just be a complete surprise to us all.

    Robson was trading at 19s at one point, her opponent at 1.13 and only needing that last game…..what a come back from our gal here,even i was shouting at the tv……fabulous stuff.Pressures off a bit today and she is not a favorite, which will help laura to just try and get off to a good start,,,,but maybe a good idea to delay here since she is becoming a slow starter, but finishes strong……please lets have the girl on centre court…..even mr mac thought we were being all too fair play conscious by putting her on court no 2……………get her on the big stage again..

    Kvitova is all over the place, and its one i will be avoiding.This may be surprising but i fancy the german to steal a set off williams.And Robson to win in three.

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