Winning £100 from £10 Stake

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All profits are calculated for a Back/Lay LIABILITY Stake of 10 units.

US OPEN DAY 6 – 3rd Sep ( +11.8 units)

1. Suarez Navarro v Vesnina: TIP: Back Suarez @1.56, Lay @1.24

Successful: +2.55 units

2. Babos v Halep: TIP –> Lay Halep @1.02, Back @1.3

Successful: +10.75 units (From 1 unit stake)

Not only is this one of the best tips given this year, it has to be one of the most lucrative tips given in the history of the service. Pretty much spot on as the market hit 1.02 on Halep and then jumped big time and at one point hit the price of 3.00. 

babos vs halep

3. Radwanska v Garcia: NO STOP LOSS –> Lay Radwa @1.26, Back @1.6

Unsuccessful: -4 units

4. Karlovic v Donaldson: TIP –> Back Karlo @1.63, Lay @1.3

Successful: +2.5 units

Overall: 3 / 4 successful: +11.8 units

No HOT TIPS given and yet an incredibly good day for us on DAY 6 at the US Open!

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