Betfair Tennis Trading Break Points

The Importance of Break Points in Betfair Tennis Trading

These days securing guaranteed profit on Betfair by placing two opposite bets is becoming more and more popular than simply placing a bet on some sports event and waiting on what’s going to happen. No doubt – the biggest sports traded on Betfair are football and horse racing. However, third place is taken by tennis and thanks to its growing popularity more and more Betfair traders sooner or later are looking into Betfair tennis trading. So why Betfair tennis market is so appealing for both long-time tennis supporters and complete beginners in Betfair tennis trading? There are many advantages, but we can boil it all down to a few main factors. First of all – the scoring in tennis matches happens very frequently ensuring constantly changing odds. Changing odds is how we make our money. I’ll show you how to take advantage of predictable changes in odds. Just have a look at what happens in other markets. Where else can you find a sports event where the odds constantly fluctuate during the live sports event? And most importantly – changing in a fairly predictable manner? Look at horse racing. Once it’s started – everything happens spontaneously and you just can’t be sure which horse may emerge as a winner. Of course, when trading on Betfair we don’t need the market participant to win. We just need the player or the team we backed to lead the game or the match as some stage (or start losing – if we’ve bet against the respective market participant). But even with that in mind – it’s far easier to predict when a tennis player will lead the match at some stage than predict when a particular horse – be it the favourite or another one – will be a leader of the race. The scoring system in tennis is very simple, and anyone can learn the basics within a matter of minutes. The players score until one of them has scored at least 40 points and is by two points ahead of the second player. The winning point in the game is called a game point and the players change serves. You see – the price in the game changes accordingly to which player has scored more points and therefore is more likely to score the winning game point. It’s not unusual to see the players change the advantage though, and as it happens, you can successfully exploit the price fluctuations.

But what I wanted to stress is – the importance of a break point in Betfair tennis trading.

Let’s give it a precise definition – a break point is a winning point in a game scored by the player who RECEIVES the serves. Can you understand now WHY break points are important? Yes – exactly!

They signify the strength of the respective player since it’s always more difficult to receive serves than take them!

You can actually have a look at the top tennis players’ statistics and see what percentage of service points are usually won. Have a look at, let’s say, Nadal’s statistics. Nadal has won 88% of his service games.

The player who serves has an advantage by default!

So if the opposite player scores a break point, it means that he or she is in good form and it’s worth placing a back bet  on that player. So – what impact the break point has on the odds in Betfair tennis trading? Basically, when a break point is scored, the odds of the respective player drop by a big margin. The drop is far bigger than when a serving player scores a ‘simple’ game point. So this is the biggest advantage you have over any other Betfair trading market. You can monitor the tennis game on the Internet or watch the match on the TV, and whenever a player has a chance to score a break point – act accordingly.    The first tactics I like using is – watch the tennis match on TV and monitor the Betfair tennis market keeping your hand on the mouse. When a break point is scored, immediately place a back bet on the respective player and when the odds have dropped (and they certainly do!) – lay the player off. This method is quite tricky as you have to make sure that the TV broadcast is a very timely one and there’s no firewall used on your PC or laptop. Some tennis matches will have bigger delays due to several reasons – like the distance from you and the actual tournament, the TV connection’s technical characteristics and others. But the beauty of this approach of Betfair tennis trading is that it will never let you down. The risk level is virtually non-existent and the worst thing that may happen is you just won’t get the bet matched. On the other hand – the profit opportunities are really good. When a break point is scored, the price drops by an average 7 – 10% so if you use a 100 pound stake for trading, you can easily earn 10 pounds in a few seconds.  The second way of earning good profits from Betfair tennis trading by exploiting the break points is – backing a player when he or she can potentially score a break point. This approach is a bit more risky than the first one as in the case of the opposite happening you’d have to close the trade with a small loss. However, as the break point triggers a very good price drop of the respective player – you’re on the safe side. Let’s say, you back the player when he’s just one point away from scoring a break point – but then suddenly the opposite player scores. Now you have to consider an option of closing the trade with a tiny loss as the odds of the player you backed will have slightly drifted out. But don’t worry – the beauty of tennis trading is that the scoring happens very frequently and every scored point impacts the price just a little bit. So should the opposite player score another point in the game, you can close the trade with a small loss and look forward on other opportunities when a player is potentially to score a break point.
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