Betfair Tennis Trading Stats Tues 26th Feb 2013 – 92%

92% Spot on!!

ATP Acapulco:

1. Nalbandian v Bedene: Successful (BH)

2. Belucci v Kuznetsov: Successful

3. Odesnik v Kubot: Unsuccessful (BH):(Kubot was extremely poor in this match!!)

4. Robredo v Volandri: Successful

Successful: 3/4

WTA Acapulco:

5. Torro v Parmentier: Successful

Successful: 1/1

ATP Delray Beach

6. Vasselin v Cipolla: Successful

7. Nishikori v Karlovic: RETIREMENT

8. Lopez v Phau: CANCELLED MATCH

9. Ebden v Sock: Successful

10. Gulbis v Blake : Successful (easy as it gets)

11. Sijsling v Haas: RETIREMENT

Successful : 3/3 : (3 Matches not considered out of the 6)

ATP Dubai:

12. Brands v Youzhny: To be Played Today

13. Tsonga v Llodra: Successful

14. Tipsarevic v Davydenko: Successful

15. Baghdatis v Del Potro: Successful

Successful: 3/3 (Youzhny match not considered)

WTA Brazil:

16. Rybarikova v Krumm: Successful (easily!) (BH)

17. Cepelova v Beck: Successful (Beck was twice up a break hence successful!)

Successful: 2/2

Total matches considered: 13

Successful: 12 / 13: A MASSIVE 92% Spot on!!

BH Matches Considered: 4 (rest were either cancelled or retirements)

Out of the 4, 3 were successful! 75% !!

The only match that went against us was Kubot! So close to a 100% but
I’m sure we will hit the Bullseye one of these days 😉

Good luck and well done to all who followed me!


  • Rajgopal Iyer Posted February 27, 2013 9:50 am

    Nalbandian lost to Bedene!! So this cannot be deemed succesful!
    Please check.


    • Patrick Ross Posted February 27, 2013 2:18 pm

      Dear Rajagopal

      The strategy was successful easily as Nalbandian won the first set!
      The strategies doesn’t mean I am predicting the winner of the match,
      some of the outcomes maybe wrong some maybe right and still the
      strategy may not work out!

      As an example please check the recent match between Medina Garrigues
      and Niculescu in one of the earlier tips page. The tip was on
      Niculescu to back first, the strategy failed but the outcome was right
      as Niculescu won in 3. We are trading here remember not betting. Hence
      Nalbandian match was clearly and easily successful.

      Please do check all previous tips to understand why certain matches
      have worked or failed. You are free to check in google or other
      websites about the match stats as well. I thoroughly check the stats
      through official sites for match summaries (who broke first, what lead
      they were in etc, before I give the stats for everyday!)

      Thanks for your comment and good luck

  • michael marsh Posted February 27, 2013 8:31 pm

    Great work Patrick , keep it going if at all possible!

  • Rajgopal Iyer Posted February 28, 2013 11:34 am

    Hi Patrick.
    Thanks for your explanation.
    I am confused slightly as I am thinking that you place these bets at the start of the day and then check back the following day. I am not aware of the fact that one has to monitor the matches. Some of the matches happen when I am asleep and as such it is difficult to monitor the same. Just explain to me one thing: Are these tips set and forget or they have to be monitored?

    Thanks and good service by the way.

    • Patrick Ross Posted February 28, 2013 6:06 pm

      Dear Rajgopal

      We are not a betting site. The name of the site itself includes the
      word ‘trading’ as you can see. Even though I do offer tips and can be
      used by gamblers, I do not recommend gambling at any stage !!! Gone
      are the days of losing money on bookies that give horrible odds and
      ‘cometh’ have the day of consistent profiting through trading.

      Since you are completely new to trading, I suggest you watch some of
      my videos on youtube with the username ‘BetFair Trader’ to get a first
      hand look at tennis trading on Betfair. Here’s the link on youtube for
      my channel:

      In relation to your question about placing bets and looking at results
      later, that’s not how it works. If you are trading a match you have to
      ‘trade out’ if the match goes against you too much. Hence you are
      consistently monitoring a match when your money is on it. This is not
      the case in gambling as once your money is on something, you can’t do
      anything about it with the bookies. They gobble your money and will
      likely do so in the long run!!

      I suggest you go through all the previous tips and strategies and also
      read the FAQ to get yourself tuned to trading if you are new to it. I
      never recommend any bookies to bet on (unless its for arbitrage

      Please do not hesitate to ask more questions..

      Thank you sir

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