Recycling the Green…

One of the amazing things about Tennis Trading on Betfair is the ability to recycle your profits. No bookmaker gives that option and Spread Betting firms relating to Sports are rather cheeky with their horrible spread margins making it hard for you to even profit out. This is the simple reason I’ve chosen Betfair as the ultimate money making solution.

Let’s look into the following example with the assumption that we are profiting!

Jankovic 1.85 vs Safarova 2.

Suppose my tip on the site is to BH Janko @1.85 and lay @1.5. Profit calculation with 100 unit stake as follows:

Backed Janko for 100@1.85, Laid her for 123 units @1.5 to profit around 23 units.

If you let the trade run here, you may get some more money, but supposing, you have set a target as 20 units for this match, then it is better you trade out as you’ve already achieved this. I always advise to trade out earlier just in case….

So, now you have traded out with a green of 23 units on both sides. What then?

Since the target has already been achieved here, one option is to experiment with this profit without putting a penny extra from your bankroll. The best way to do this is wait for the favourite’s odds to go as low as they can! Obviously, you can’t predict how low the odds will go but taking a calculated risk is always an option.

Let’s assume that Jankovic won the first set here 6-3, which is a normal scoreline. Now the second set has begun and she is looking more confident and has broken her opponent and served out the second game to make it 2-0.

At this point it is easy to assume that the odds on Janko will have definitely dipped from 1.5 to further, roughly in the 1.15 to 1.2 region. Here you can ask a question. Why not lay Janko with your already profited 23 units? After all if the lay price is around 1.15, that means laying for 20 here would cost only 3 units, which would mean its not affecting your already achieved target of 20. It’s definitely worth considering laying Janko for 20@1.15.

Once that is done, your profit would be 43 (23 + 20 ) on Safarova if she wins, and 20 (23 – 3) on Janko if she wins easily.

Recycling money is perfectly alright and in my opinion should not be optional, but mandatory, especially for 50-50 matches. After all, what have you got to lose??

Some of the biggest wins in my Tennis Trading career on Betfair has been through recycling my Green. 

Imagine, for example, if you have greened out early in a match with 10 units. You  wait to see the odds have reached a lay price of 1.01 and you’ve laid the player for about 400, costing you 4 of your 10 units. If for some reason that price jumps from 1.01 to at least 1.1, you have almost made 10 times that ‘sacrificed stake’. These scenarios are not uncommon, and seem to happen a lot more frequently these days.

The basic point of this article is to consider laying off part of a greened out profit on low odds which can prove to be a wise and profitable decision. Indeed it makes you a better trader, losing some, sometimes, for good reason!

Obviously one thing you should keep in mind is, don’t lay someone who has no chance of losing eg. if Nadal is playing in the French Open final, and if he’s leading 6-1, 6-2, 3-0, this is not a time to laying off green on Rafa’s side. One way to come to a decision of whether to lay or not, is the initial odds. It is possible if it’s a coin flip, then one player taking an overwhelming lead maybe worth considering to be laid at some stage in the match. This is a calculated risk and will pay off once in a while. After all we are looking for that ‘once in a while’ situation here, and remember, we’ve already beaten the market and trading with only our profit!

From the above example, we can envisage if you had a decent green out on a day, let’s say of 200 units and you were only targeting 50. Why not wait for the lay price to get too low and go for a bit of treasure hunt. This is not gambling in the real sense of the word  as you are using your profit to make some more cash. Imagine if you had laid for 2000 units with your 20 unit profit and the odds hit 1.1. What about 1.5? What about your desired player becoming the favourite? These are not at all improbable on Betfair and I’ve dealt with lots and lots of such matches in my trading career. Too many to remember.

Indeed, you will hit that jackpot one day, provided you have recycled something. And above all, there was not an ounce of tension because you’re risking so little!!

Just the best feeling really…..

Thanks for reading…


  • ZamaTrade Posted August 17, 2013 10:30 am

    I do it often (when get the chance), recycling of green, sometimes, depends on the match, put the favorite to zero, the point is that I can not give me a taget, then as soon as I see a small profit green up, and often the underdog, points scored again, but now they are out!

  • Daniel Posted February 19, 2014 1:34 pm

    This question of place against the favorite in discount prices worth the indifferent worth it if you have profit in the market yet or not. It only has to be value in making such a bet seeking close above.

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