Tennis Trading Advice: How to Deal With a Bad Start/Bad Streak..

OK, so you’ve taken my advice and placed the tips as I’ve asked you to. But you are not winning much consistently.

Is there something that you’re doing wrong? Some of the following advice ties in with my other articles, but important information is always worth repeating…

Let’s look into the tips and strategies firstly.

All the tips and strategies that run from the 3rd or 4th day of every week are generally good for tipping. I say this as liquidity is an issue in the first few days for a lot of markets, and earlier the tournament, it is more likely to see a lot of upsets due to players trying to get used to the new surface. Wind speed is also a  concern for certain tournaments and it has a major effect on the serve of players who toss the ball much higher. When you are Tennis Trading on Betfair, all these factors matter.

OK, so what do you do!?

In general, my first advice would be to keep the stakes low for the first few days. I advice this for Tennis Grand Slams as well! This gives us enough time to study certain players especially some of the dark horses of the tournaments. It gives a better insight into their games, their serves, their confidence level. For me, the dark horses are the ones who have rewarded me the most. So be patient with low stakes the start, it will prove rewarding for the future!

Secondly, set a target for each day.

The best tennis traders on Betfair are those who have the best money management systems in practice. If you are targeting 20 units a day, stick to that. If you are making 30 on a good day, save the extra for another day. You can only know the value of 1 unit when you have made 10 units out of it. Hence, save save and save some more. I guarantee you that there will be tons of matches where you can experiment different strategies as the tournament goes on.

The third point includes two factors:

1. Delay trading to get better odds.

2. Delay trading to know the mental and physical side of each player.

The first factor is simple. You are delaying trading so that you are getting better odds. For e.g., suppose if Player A odds are 1.85 and player B has 2.15 and if Player A is serving first:

At 0-15, the odds may increase to 1.9 and at 0-30 it may even be that the other player may become the favourite. The point is, delaying trading usually helps to get better prices.

The second factor is probably one of the most important factors of Tennis Trading on Betfair. It’s all about having a peek at how each player is playing once the match has started. You are keenly watching for any weakness at all, whether it is serve, rallies, the player’s determination to run down the ball etc. The serve is very important to note here, as I myself  focus mainly on the serves in the first few games.

Obviously there is a small negative to delaying and that is, what if the odds never go up after the match starts. It does happen. However, that’s one thing that is less relevant. The whole point of Tennis Trading on Betfair as we all know is to Green Out. It doesn’t honestly matter what the Back odds are, 1.8, 1.28, 1.18 or 1.08. Point is, at the end of the match you need a GREENED OUT PROFIT! So delaying usually is the sign of a clever and patient trader who backs on the right player regardless of what the odds may be.

If all the above 3 factors have been taken into consideration, then its a clear sign you are ready to profit some good cash in the long run which is the ultimate goal of Tennis Trading on Betfair!

Mentally, dealing with a bad streak can be difficult. I play some poker at the weekends, and used to find myself on tilt sometimes! Anyone who knows anything about poker will understand the feeling! A bad streak in Tennis Trading will also put you on tilt – you might feel that because you have lost a % of your bank, you want to go all in! You resign yourself to having lost all of your money before it’s gone! However, it’s very important to recognise this feeling and counter it. Try to take a few minutes to gather yourself and treat the next trade as your first one. Use correct stakes and don’t chase losses. Build up again. One small win will put you back on the right frame of mind.

Hence, ask yourself if you have considered any of the above while trading tennis on Betfair!? If not, it may be the reason you are not profiting consistently.

Thanks for reading!


  • Leif Gustafsson Posted May 30, 2013 8:07 am

    Very good written post. I know the feeling. I am trying to lower the amount on the losses. Made a few misstakes first two days. Made a little plus yesterday. Should have done more but i had to leave the computer for 30 min and boom heavy loss on one match that spoiled the day. I know the feeling I must bring back that loss and start to chase it. Stop doing that i think is a key to win i guess. Very good post as usual.

  • Jerome Posted March 1, 2014 7:19 pm

    Hi Patrick, I liked this post (especially the last bit, having played quite some poker as well). Still, I’m slightly confused over something. In your “delay and trade” article, you say that delaying helps even more in Women’s matches, since they tend to break more easily than men. But you say that it’s better for men here… Or maybe I misunderstood something?

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 2, 2014 9:57 am

      Hi Jerome, my wording is slightly off!! I’ve corrected it. Statistically, the womens game is more likely to have breaks of serve, especially outside the top 3/4 players in the world.

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