Tennis Trading Tips Friday 29th March 2013


Friday’s Tips:

Only two matches going on and it’s worth a shot trading with low
stakes for both…

1. Ferrer v Haas:

This one will be a great match to watch. Ferrer was ruthless against
Melzer towards the end. Hence if Haas’s serve isn’t working Ferrer
will destroy him. However, Haas has amazingly beaten Djokovic rather
easily and Simon as well. The main reason being, his serve was rather
consistent. So for a low stake match, I feel this is worth trading..

S: Lay Ferrer @ 1.53, back @ 1.7

You can delay laying for a bit of time if you think Haas starts a bit
slow. Still, don’t trade this match heavy as it can be a bit risky!

2. Murray v Gasquet:

As much as I want Gasquet to win today, I think Murray will end his
amazing run. If he loses it will be a Gasquet comeback rather than a
Gasquet straight set win I feel.

Still, Murray is a slow starter mostly and hence laying him at the
start might be productive. You can wait a bit for the odds to go down
as the match goes in play.

S: Lay Murray @ 1.3, back @ 1.45

Good luck lads and remember no heavy stake trading for either of these
two matches!!


  • jacqui copsey Posted March 29, 2013 1:32 pm

    Do you mean Good luck lads and lasses ……lol !

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 29, 2013 2:21 pm

      Of course I mean lasses too! Well spotted Jacqui – glad you notice that!
      I’ll be less sexist in future I promise!

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