Tennis Trading Tips Stats 18th Feb 2014

STATSAll profits are calculated for a Back/Lay LIABILITY Stake of 10 units.

Feb 18th (+ 9.25 units )

1. Davydenko v Sijsling: Successful: +2.5 units

This trade was definitely successful early on!

2. Kamke v Edmund: Successful: +1.3 units

3. Halep v Cornet: Unsuccessful: -4 units

4. Monaco v Zeballos: Successful: +2 units

5. Zakopalova v Duque-Marino: Successful: +2.25 units

6. Wozniacki v Lisicki: Successful: +2.1 units

7. Kanepi v Pennetta: Successful: +3.1 units

Overall: 6 / 7 Successful: +9.25 units

Worth noting that the only match we lost was Halep who retired due to injury..Another great day!

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  • Profitcsinalo Posted February 20, 2014 10:42 am

    Dear Patrick,

    I noticed that you marked the Wozniacki v Lisicki match as won.
    This was a losing trade. Stop Loss activated at 1.28 odds. This was very unlucky trade, because the trade turned back to our way shortly after the Stop Loss activated.

    • Patrick Ross Posted February 22, 2014 7:05 am

      Hi Del – apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I advise in many articles(which you will see on todays tips page) to delay and trade. It’s a good practice and allows you to get a feel for a match before putting your money in, and sometimes will get you better starting odds. In this case, had you delayed, you would have had no issues.

  • Profitcsinalo Posted February 22, 2014 11:35 am

    Dear Patrick,

    I understand delaying, but many trading tip is successful because our selection starts better and winning 2 or 3 games is enough to close the trade with the target profit. And many times the opponent come back after we made the quick profit and become the winner. Or if we miss the first 2 or 3 game and our selection is very strong we miss the whole trade profit because his back odds become very short. For example the tip was back at 1.3 and lay at 1.14. After a 2 or 3 winning game our back odds easily become 1.1 and we couldn’t make the original trade with the original tick offset. So delaying here produced missing profit.
    I think that delaying is a kind of gambling and the result is based on our luck. If we have luck, our original losing trade become a winning trade, like in this posts example, but many times we miss our profit.
    How are you calculates the stats for the tips in this cases? I’m not offending you, because your tips are very good even if I count this kind of tips as losing tips. I have some tips that used the original trade odds and was a losing tips, but in the results displayed as winner. No problem, because my bank is growing, so profit is made. Just I was curious about this differences in our stats.
    Delaying the trade is remains me a mystery and I think is mostly based on long term experience and a good feeling of the players and luck factor.

    • Patrick Ross Posted February 23, 2014 8:01 am

      Hi Profitcsinalo

      Thanks for your message.

      Firstly, no offense taken. Delaying does take time to understand. However if you have good knowledge of Tennis and the players, I don’t think its a hard concept to master.

      In relation to the strong favourites, you are right about the fact that delaying can make you miss the better odds. However, do remember that your overall profit potential is rather small in heavy favourite matches. But on the contrary, a match that has an odds of let’s say 1.5 or 1.6, it is very much worth using a delayed strategy. This is because the player may need a bit of time to come to his usual self. A 15-30 point or a 30-40 (break point) can help you snatch much better odds rather than going for smaller odds. In such a case, the stop losses will go higher and hence make it easier to trade. This in turn means, your potential profits will be higher than those mentioned on the Stats page. Overall, it is safe to say that your profits will likely be around the same as those on the stats page.
      I will have an article on delayed trading very soon…

      Ideally I suggest you make a plan for your trading and try it on the simulation mode of your platform. As time goes, I guarantee that you will understand why delayed trading is one of the best trading strategies for sports such as Tennis.

      Tip: I have often found delaying matches on Clay Courts between two evenly matched players to be extremely profitable. This is because the slow pace of the Clay courts often means there are quite a few breaks, especially on the WTA circuit.

      Best Regards

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