Tennis Trading Tips Stats April 6th 2014

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All profits are calculated for a Back/Lay LIABILITY Stake of 10 units.


1. Garrigues/Shvedova v Chan/Chan: BACK HEAVY!: Successful: +7.5 units

2. Cepelova v Petkovic: Successful: +5.9 units

(I have to make this successful as even though Cepelova was two breaks behind, there was specific instruction to lay Petko at low prices. At one point Cepelova stormed back from 0-3 to lead 5-4 and have a set point. Petkovic’s odds jumped to atleast 2.2 at this time. Hence, this can be definitely deemed successful!)

Overall: 2/2 Successful: +13.4 units

Another great day as our BH Tip on Garrigues/Shvedova was spot on!

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  • Profitcsinalo Posted April 7, 2014 10:40 am

    The Cepelova v Petkovic match was a double lose for me. The first trade lost early.
    I followed your instruction (“If Petkovic wins the first set, lay her. This could be a highly profitable market!”) when Petkovic won the first set I layed Petkovic. But Cepelova was very poor in the second set (Petkovic won: 2:6). So the second lay trade was a losing trade, too.
    The BH Tip was great anyway, but liquidity was very bad.

    • Patrick Ross Posted April 7, 2014 10:16 pm

      Hi Del..
      You have missed the point here!! Asking to lay Petkovic if she wins the first set means you are thinking ahead and giving an advanced lay price. The real question here hence is, if you had got a loss in your first trade, meaning you choose to follow the tip exactly as it is, did you not see her odds moving down? A set win simply means Petkovic odds have shrunk to a further 15-20 decimals, maybe more. With a 3-0 lead this was attainable.

      What you have done is, took a loss early on and left it at that. And then decided to lay Petkovic again. Those are fundamental errors in trading especially after Cepelova had a set point and she hadn’t taken it.

      The mistake you have made is when the score was 3-0 to Petkovic and Cepelova broke back and made it 3-2, you still had the chance to lay Petkovic but you didn’t. This was the opportunity you missed. Like I said Petkovic odds jumped to 2.2 if not more here. The whole point in asking to lay Petkovic if she wins the first set simply implies getting low lay odds on her. In this case, you DID NOT have to wait out the whole set as the condition was met just after 3 games and even after 5 games! To put it simply, all I’m asking you to do is take lower LAY prices on a favourite. You had the chance to get it two times. The first was hard to fetch but the second definitely was possible. It does take time to get these put into practice so I suggest you try on a simulation next time on a heavy favourite tip. Hope this helps…

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