Tennis Trading Tips Wednesday 13th March 2013

Wednesday’s Tips:


1. Simon v Anderson:

S: Lay Anderson @ 1.45, back @ 1.6

2. Raonic v Tsonga:

S: Back Tsonga @ 1.63, lay @1.5

3. Berdych v Gasquet:

S: Lay Berdych @ 1.55, back @ 1.7

4. Federer v Wawrinka:

Safe option: Lay federer if he wins the first set as odds will be much lower.

Else: Lay him at the start @ 1.2, back @ 1.4

5. Nadal v Gulbis:

S: Lay Rafa @ 1.37, back @ 1.5

6. Haas v Del Potro:

S: Lay Del Po @ 1.3, back @ 1.5


7, Kvitova v Kirilenko :

S: Lay Kvitova @ 1.4, back @ 1.5

(DONT TRADE HEAVY as this may go in Kvitova’s favour easily!)


8. Errani v Sharapova:

Lay Heavy on Sharapova @ 1.22, back @ 1.45

(You can wait for the odds on Sharapova to fall a bit so as to
minimize your loss. Errani starts a bit slow early on, so it maybe
likely you will get better lay price. Anything from 1.11 – 1.15 range,
you should lay it!

Also, you can start low stakes at first here, increase the stakes to
high when you get a better price. So for eg. Instead of laying heavy
straight, go for 50 units instead of 100. Supposing, the worst case
scenario happened and Sharapova storms into a 3-0 lead odds would be
in the 1.15 range or below. This is a better time to lay heavy!! So
just keep this strategy in mind!)

Along with this match, I find Nadal match to be definitely worth
hopping in. The only reason I didn’t include it in the BH section is
that the 1.37 price seems a bit too high to lay heavy. If it was in
the 1.25 range I would have put it here. Hence take that match as a
possible good money making market as well if you like. Whatever you
do, trade out with a loss if the worst case scenarios happen!

Good luck with all matches today!


  • Michal Posted March 13, 2013 5:01 pm

    Hi Patrick,
    thank you for your exhausting answer reasoning behind Errani-Bartoli game! It is encouraging for me to see how passionate are you about the game and I’m sure that’s big part of reason why you successful tennis trader which I’m sure you are.
    I actually made a profit in this match because I left it open after Errani was broken but to be honest I wasn’t sure what to do there. In hindsight sure Errani was dominating her fitness level is higher, Bartoli being mental case with weak serve and usually more breaks during her matches so next time it should be clearer for me.

    Thank you for stats website I was searching for this stuff for ages!
    And please don’t feel sorry if you don’t post many BH tips. Quality over quantity all the way! I don’t care if there is no BH tip for weeks as long as those you post are as successful as they are. But I’m ready for some bumps along the way!

    Thanks again and good luck!

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 13, 2013 5:42 pm

      Very kind words Michal. Thank you!

  • Michal Posted March 14, 2013 5:32 pm

    Patrick congrats on BH matches!

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 14, 2013 6:02 pm

      Thanks Michal. We didnt have the best day yesterday overall! But anyone who followed all the tips should have been in the green by the end of play. Like I said in the article, worry not if one trading day doesn’t go completely right! It will always turn around.

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