Wimbledon Day 12 Stats and Results

1. Bryans vs Melo/Dodig: Successful (I can definitely make this
successful as this was a low stake match and eventhough Melo and Dodig
started well, this match was pretty much over after the first set!)

2. Lisicki v Bartoli: Unsuccessful (As Lisicki herself admitted, she
was overwhelmed by the atmosphere on the Final Day. Her serves were
weak and she didn’t deserve to win after starting well. I am not sure
how low the odds hit early on but I prefer not counting it as
successful even if it hit our target as Bartoli was by far the more
dominant player!)

Overall: 1 / 2 = 50%


Profit Margins:

Successful low stakes = 1 * 10 = 10 profit

Unsuccessful low stakes = 1 * 20 = – 20 loss

Overall = – 10 loss

Not our worst day but you can see why I didn’t advise to BH on Lisicki
eventhough she was a heavy favourite in this match!

Good luck for the Men’s Final tomorrow!

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