Betfair Tennis Trading Stats for Week Ending 24-02-2013

Stats day by day:

BH = Back Heavy

18/2 :  12/16 successful : 75%  BH: 5/6:   83%

19/2 :  18/23 successful:  78%  BH: 3/6:   50%

20/2 :  18/24 successful:  75%  BH: 9/10: 90%

21/2 :  14/18 successful:  77%  BH: 4/6:   66%

22/2 :  10/15 successful:  66%  BH: 3/3:  100%

23/2 :    5/7   successful:  71%  BH: 3/3:  100%

Stats for 24th as follows:

1. Ferrer v Wawrinka: Successful

2. Jankovic v Ormachea: Unsuccessful (Jankovic was too good to trade
against her!)

3. Berdych v Tsonga : Unsuccessful (eventhough the ultimate result
worked in our favour, strategy wise this was a hard one to trade as
Tsonga was outplayed for almost 2 sets. Hence I am going to put this
as unsuccessful)

4. Nishikori v Lopez: Successful easily

Success rate 2/4: 50% (only 4 matches considered here)

No BH Matches given but HOT TIP was spot on as Tsonga indeed win!

As you can see the worst of the stats was yesterday with 50%
considering Tsonga match as unsuccessful but we had a brilliant run
through the week especially on the 20th.

Here are the overall stats:

Total matches considered: 107

Total successful: 79

Success rate: 73.8%. A very high strike rate considering more than 100
matches were given!! 74/100 matches spot on!!

BH Matches:

Total given: 34 Successful: 27

Success rate: 79.4%

I’d take an almost 80% success rate on BH markets any day. Hence if
you had just followed the BH matches alone , you should have made great
money at the end of the week!

Thanks for reading and let’s continue the good numbers for this week!


  • Kevin Posted February 25, 2013 1:38 pm

    Hello Ross,
    Can you throw some light on to the way i see this system working, for instance this i have copied from your results page.
    Success rate: 73.8%. A very high strike rate considering more than 100
    matches were given!! 74/100 matches spot on!!

    Now how i understand it is if the movement is say 20 decimal points on each win the results would be Wins 74 x .20 = 15 points: Losses 26 points so an overall loss of 11 points.

    Have i got this right? or have i completely cocked up with the way i work it out?


    Kevin Ryan

    • Patrick Ross Posted February 25, 2013 5:54 pm


      The calculation you gave is irrelevant as every match is traded
      differently. The stakes sometimes are back heavy and extra heavy,
      meaning your profits are more in those matches. The normal loose
      trades where if you lose some, doesn’t matter because overall your
      bankroll would have increased. So doing a calculation with 20 decimal
      point change in mind is really meaningless as that’s not the point of
      my tips.

      Please look at some of the screenshots of how I personally have traded
      certain matches from loss situations to make them as profits.

      Basically my point is every market is different but if you have a
      fundamental base strategy in mind, it would help you. So consider my
      strategies as the foundation for entering a trade.

      Also if you have a specific doubt about a certain market or trade
      please do not hesitate to ask!

      Thank you

  • jacqui copsey Posted February 25, 2013 5:52 pm

    Hi Patrick, How far would you let a trade go in the red before trading out, obviously if it goes too far against you and doesnt move back it will negate the profits on successful trades, also do you think it’s possible to make a modest living from tennis trading?

    • Patrick Ross Posted February 27, 2013 6:07 pm

      Trading tennis can earn you a living – of that I have no doubt. Obviously it depends on the amount of time you have and your bank and some other factors. But with discipline and the correct information its a great way to make a living!
      For trading out advice check my FAQ section on the top bar in the home page!!

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