Betfair Tennis Trading Tips: Stats Friday 3rd May Oprandi v Pavlyuchenkova : Unsuccessful

Pavlyu stormed back to thrash Oprandi but our strategy failed earlier.
But there were plenty of opportunities to hop back into this match and
make a profit. Obviously by keeping Pavlyu’s side with a minimal loss,
you would have beaten the market.

2. Suarez Navarro v Kanepi: Successful very early on

3. Elias v Wawrinka: Successful (Very interestingly, I was spot on
straight away with my tip and Wawrinka hit our target price of 1.3 but
never went a lot more than that!)

4. Busta v Fognini: Successful

5. Seppi v Robredo : Successful

6. Mayer v Haas: Successful

7. Kohili v Troicki: Successful (Suggested for BH)

8. Tipsarevic v Brands: Successful

Overall: 7 / 8 Successful = A very decent 87%

The only match we lost was Pavlyu which infact she won in the end
thrashing Oprandi in the 3rd which meant the tip indeed was worth
considering !

Good luck for Saturday!

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