Stop Losses on Fairbot

Hi All

There have been some issues reported with Stop Losses recently. In relation to this, please use the following method for future Stop Losses on Fairbot:

Step 1: Activate the  ‘Trading’ tool and ‘Smart bets’ options by checking TRADING and Smart Bets

Step 2: Activate the ‘STOP LOSS’ tool by checking the STOP LOSS option

Step 3: Give the desired ticks for TRIGGER AT and PLACE STOP AT under Stop Loss by looking at the STOP LOSS table for each odds as mentioned in the following page:

Make sure TRIGGER AT ticks is set to a few ticks below. For example, if Place Stop is 15 ticks, set the ‘Trigger At’ at 10 ticks)

Step 4: Back/Lay the player you wish to back

Step 5: Enter the back odds , lay odds and back/lay stake

(The smart bets activated would mean the platform automatically calculates the lay stake (or vice versa) for a guaranteed green out. You can untick Smart Bets to disable this)

Three bets are generated at this time, 1 back, 1 lay and the Stop loss

Assuming you have backed the player, the lay stake will remain unmatched and Stop Loss bet will be under the PENDING BETS section. Once the unmatched lay bet is matched, the Stop Loss WILL be automatically cancelled.

I suggest you try out the SIMULATION MODE on Fairbot by going to FILE -> Simulation Mode on the Top Left to have a few practice runs..



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