Tennis Trading Tips Monday 11th March 2013

Monday’s Tips:


1. Nieminen v Anderson:

A tough one to call here but I feel Anderson odds are a bit low hence
lay him at the beginning!

S: Lay Anderson @ 1.52, back @ 1.7

2. Nadal v Mayer:

I am going to give a small chance to Mayer here considering he beat
the tough Youzhny in straight sets.

S: Lay Rafa @ 1.09, back @ 1.15.

Note: This is an experimental strategy and you can avoid trading this
if you wish. I am not going to count this match for the stats!

3. Seppi v Gulbis:

S: Lay Gulbis @ 1.53, back @ 1.65

Don’t trade heavy here as Gulbis may win this in 2!

4. Simon v Paire:

S: Back Simon @ 1.78, lay @ 1.6

5. Hewitt v Wawrinka:

Possibly the best market to trade. I expect a very tough fought match
and Hewitt to just manage to win in a 3rd set.

Safe method: Wait out the first set, if Wawrinka wins it, lay him for
a small amount.

Else: Lay Wawrinka @ 1.43, back @ 1.6

6. Janowicz v Gasquet:

S: Back Gasquet @ 1.42, lay @ 1.25

This could again be tricky so don’t trade heavy!


7. Petrova v Goerges:

Back Petrova @ 1.48, lay @ 1.3

8. Peng v Stosur:

S: Lay Stosur @ 1.35, back @ 1.5

9. Vesnina v Wozniacki:

S: Lay Wozniacki @ 1.34, back @ 1.5

10. Hampton v U.Radwanska:

Back on Hampton@ 1.45, lay @ 1.25

11. Ivanovic v Barthel:

Back Barthel @ 1.81, lay @ 1.65


12. Kerber v Wickmayer:

S: BH Kerber @ 1.36, lay @ 1.2

13. Muguruza v Rybarikova:

S: BH on Rybarikova @ 1.87, lay @ 1.7

Sorry about only 2 matches for BH today. I feel today’s matches are
rather riskier to hop in with high stakes and there is no need to risk
a lot, especially as I am guessing, most of you had success with the 7
matches I gave for BH yesterday, which was 100% spot on.

I would really appreciate some comments about yesterday as I’d like to
know how you guys did!

Thanks for reading and good luck indeed for today….


  • veselin kuzmanovic Posted March 11, 2013 2:51 pm

    Thanky for good tips. Yesterday was great trading day.
    that match went to tiebreak. Tiebreak is a lottery and very risky for trading.
    Do you recommend trade tiebreaks or we should trade out before tiebreak?

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 11, 2013 4:31 pm

      If you look at the No. 8 question in the FAQ I mention the BH
      situations in tie-breaks. As you can see I definitely point out about
      bad luck in the tie-breaks as it can be a flip of a coin at times.
      However me personally would have left the tie-break open for some
      points as my confidence was overall on Cilic. If however, things go
      way against you, you should trade it out!


  • Peter Finneid Posted March 11, 2013 3:54 pm

    Same here made a good profit by only trading a few matches. Looking forward to todays BH trades I’am going to trade only them today.

  • Peter Finneid Posted March 11, 2013 6:25 pm

    So nice and fast profit of the two BH trades around 20min of trading then green 🙂

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