Tennis Trading Tips Results – Wimbledon Day 3


Successful : 7 / 8 = 87% strike rate!

BH / LH matches = 4 considered , Successful = 4 / 4 = A perfect 100%

1. Stepanek v Janowicz: Not considered (Early retirement means this
won’t be considered)

2. Troicki v Kuznetsov: BH – Successful easily!

3. Verdasco v Benneteau: Not considered (The reason for not
considering this is due to the fact there was a scare for Benneteau
towards the end of the first set in the 11th game. He had a bad slip
and called for the trainer immediately. This was reflected on the
market and Benneteau getting a later set point didn’t do much to the
market. Hence I can’t consider this as you should have traded out this
market at that time!)

4. Monaco v Ram: BH – Successful (I can definitely consider this
successful eventhough Monaco lost the first set (after having so many
break points). The reason being, the odds just went over 1.9 on him
which would definitely not have hit our stop loss 40% limits!)

5. Melzer v Reister: Unsuccessful (Melzer won the match in 4 sets
after losing the first. However, his odds hit around 2.75 which would
have meant you should have traded out early. Hence I’ll deem this

6. Suarez Navarro v Lucic: LH – Successful easily (I had pointed out
to lay Lucic if she won the first set easily. If you’d done that this
would have been highly profitable!)

7. Cornet v Hsieh: Successful easily

8. Stephens v Petkovic: Successful easily (Stephens’ odds hit over 2
easily early on!)

9. Kvitova v Shvedova: Not considered (Walkover)

10. Giorgi v Cirstea: BH – Successful (The strategy was easily spot on
but only Cirstea knows how she lost this match!!)

11. Jovanovski v Flipkens: Successful easily

Considered matches: 8

Another hugely impressive day where our strike rate has been close to
an amazing 90%.


  • Mariusz Grzyb Posted June 27, 2013 5:30 am

    The odds on Jano went up from around 1.7 few hours before play to 1.86 and went down to 1.25 just before injury so it was close considering 1.7/2 lay/back tip. Benneteau i traded out early – i think that Verdasco odds hit in the first set 1.4 at some point. Close again. If we apply 10/20% rule for regular tips than we need 70% strike rate to be profitable. It will be difficult to maintain. If we set profit/loss target at the same level than we need a lower strike rate but the rate will drop – see Jano and Benneteau. Everybody needs to make decision on his own how to set profit/loss targets. Just my observations. Overall very good service. As to Feliciano Lopez i dont think we will be matched at 700.

  • john knight Posted June 27, 2013 8:04 am

    good points all round, what a day yesterday was, i have never seen anything like it in all my yrs watching tennis.An the injuries that are being associated with grass play is rediculous.The fact that the players are already carrying injuries before they set foot onto the courts has not been brought into the equation. So sharapova moans and complains, when in reality she was simply out played and was clearly embarrassed to lose to a 135 seed….Layton hewit had no complaints what so ever, stating it was playing no different than any other year…well said sir….woman do moan when they lose dont they.

    The profit loss ratio is a tricky one.I cannot be as factual in black and white trading any sport.And i for one cannot trade 25 matches a day, and possibly 4/5 at once….i tend to find a couple of hot tips and stick with them, trying to watch live play, and assess how its going in live play….sometimes giving me the chance to get a lot more than 20%…..sometimes i have simply not traded out if in a good position and ive taken 100% profit and called it a day… out in a loss scenario is a must however…and i have done….and re entered a trade when a players odds have nearly doubled hoping for some kind of comeback….very rarely do the woman go down without a comeback or two. so a lot of times ive gotten out of jail with that tactic….

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