Tennis Trading Tips Stats 10th August

1. Pospisil v Raonic: Sussessful early on

2. Djokovic v Nadal: Unsuccessful (You can make this a 50/50 as
eventhough the strategy on Djokovic failed, I did point out the
possibility of a 3 setter and warned in advance of laying whoever won
the first)

3. Li v Cirstea: Unsuccessful (This was indeed unsuccessful as Li just
didn’t look good at the start!)

Here’s a screenshot sent in by Gian to illustrate some great trading to end the Li match with a profit…all members feel free to send in your trading results..


4. Serena v Radwanska: Successful (I can make this successful as
delaying and trading would have got you much better odds and Serena
indeed proved again why she’s the best WTA player)

Overall: 2/4 Successful

Two big favourites Djokovic and Li lost !
Djokovic didn’t play that bad, but for me, Li was definitely not up to
her usual best!

However, overall you shouldn’t have lost in the Djokovic match as the
market did flip again in his favour and I did mention a 3 setter. Li
on the other hand had her chances to make it a 3 setter but was
overall poor and deserved to lose!

Good luck for tomorrow!

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