Finals day Matches! Tennis Trading Tips 10/2/13 Open de Guez:

Gasquet vs Paire:

Paire produced a shock really yesterday beating Llodra which I didn’t
predict. Trading wise however if you had followed my tip you should
have greened out easily as Llodra was superb in the first set. As soon
as he got broken in the second it seemed he wasn’t interested in
Tennis anymore!

I am going to give Paire a chance today. Odds on Gasquet are 1.3. So
far in all my Gasquet predictions I have asked you guys to do the back
heavy , lay low strategy. Not today however. I could be wrong here but
I cannot ignore the fact that Paire’s serve is probably better than
Gasquet at the moment! Hence if he remains consistent there, he might
as well win this.

I still feel a 3 setter here. Hence I predict Gasquet odds to jump.

Strategy:  Lay
Gasquet here at the start for a small amount around 20-30 units. Back
him at a 1.6 range price. If Gasquet wins the first set, this could be
Paire winning in 3 still, so lay Gasquet at 1.1 range if he wins the


Cilic vs Melzer:

I predicted Melzer would do better than Haase yesterday and I
predicted Cilic will have trouble. Both were spot on. Youzhny had
small injury issues which probably let him down but what a match that
was to watch!

Cilic completely knows his way around this slow Zagreb court. My
strategy would be simply to back him today and heavy! Lay in the 1.2
range. If he wins the first set, that could be pretty much game set
match but lay something atleast so that both sides are green!

VTR Open:

Nadal vs Zeballos:

I had placed an outright market for 6 quid on Zeballos personally here
with an odds of 120 at the start. He was the only outsider I went for
after looking at the draw. As much as I like Rafa, I want him to lose
today because of my outright bet lol.

However I predict Zeba to lose easily as well. I might personally
trade this out after a game or so!

Here’s the screenshot of my outright market!

zeballos outright

FED Cup matches:

All the 4 matches that I gave as tips should have worked if you had
followed the back heavy lay low strategy! Eventhough Vinci was the
only one that lost she easily won the first and her odds at one point
was in the 1.05 range. That means you should have traded out a decent
profit by then!

For today :

1. Kirilenko vs Morita:

Morita is a player I rate extremely high these days. She pretty much
has got all the goods. If she finds a better serve she can be an
extremely tough player to beat. She pretty much thrashed a high
quality player in Makarova. Kirilenko however had problems with Kimiko
Date Krumm. I expect a high quality trading match here probably going
to Kirilenko in a 3 setter.

Either way lay Kirilenko at 1.36 heavy at the start! This could be
highly rewarding. Back Kirilenko around 1.9. This might very well
happen and for me its a very good judged strategy!

2. Makarova vs Krumm:

Makarova unlike yesterday may win this. Krumm may lose this again in a
tough match.

However laying Makarova at the start is not a bad idea. Better to
scalp throughout the first set as this could be highly rewarding!

I expect Makarova to win still!

3. Errani vs Lepchenko:

Errani definitely to win this for me. She is a clay court maniac!
Simply back her heavy at 1.22 and lay low around 1.09 or even low!

4. Stosur vs Kvitova:

I feel this will go to Kvitova in a possible 3 setter!

The Czechs have got an excellent team in Kvitova, Safarova, Hradecka
and Hlavckova. Great All round players. They could win this Fed cup
this year again!

Back Kvitova at 1.44 (not too heavy!) and lay around 1.25. Or you can
wait out the first set and lay the first set winner as I feel a 3
setter on the cards here!

The Fed cup players may again be changed at the last moment but the
matches I gave so far I expect the players to be the same as there are
no injury concerns here I feel!

Cheers and good luck mates!

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