Tennis Trading Stats Monday 25th March 2013

1. Flipkens v Tomljanovic: Successful

2. Li v Muguruza: Unsuccessful – Li Odds definitely went above 1.6 in
the first set itself but it was after she led by a double break I
believe which meant her odds came down first! A bit unlucky there, but
if you had traded out and hopped back in early you would have snatched
a profit for sure!

3. Raonic v Querrey: N/A (Retirement)

4. Isner v Cilic: Successful ( I am going to call this successful as
eventhough Cilic got broken first, this was a one way traffic from the
2nd game on!)

Successful: 2 / 3


5. Radwanska v Stephens: Successful (I traded this match and early on
the Radwanska odds hit under 1.2 in the second game itself I beleive!
Still she lost the set but pretty much blew away Stephens!)

6. Cirstea v Jankovic: Successful easily!

7. Seppi v Bellucci: Unsuccessful (I am going to put this as
unsuccessful eventhough Seppi won the first set as his stats were
rather poor early on. Still he was the better player at the end and
dominated Bellucci!)

Back Extra Heavy!

8. Vinci v Cornet: Unsuccessful

First of all, our tip was right on Vinci. But we were a bit unlucky as
our odds hit only 1.18 and not 1.15. That was pretty close early on in
the second game.

There are a few questions on how to have traded this match as it was
fluctuating market which I didn’t think would be. The simple answer is
however to trade out the market when it goes against you but be in
just a profit or a no loss situation on the Vinci side.

So far my Back Extra Heavy results have had 100 % success rate and
that includes yesterday eventhough the strategy didn’t work. So I
highly advice when you trade out, make sure it is an almost minimal
loss in the player’s side who has been tipped to win.

Successful : 2 / 4

Overall : 4 / 7 almost a 60%

BH: 2 / 4 = 50%

The stat here doesn’t tell the whole story as all the BH including the
Extra results were in our favour which is 100%. That’s something to
keep in mind as I wouldn’t have given them if I wasn’t too confident.


  • Michal Posted March 30, 2013 12:08 pm

    Patrick you have my respect for putting Seppi and Vinci as unsuccessful tips even as they both won. It was hard to make profit without risking most of the stake. After a drama they came home eventually so definitely it’s good have side on the tip!
    Patrick could you put up stats for previous day a bit earlier when matches are still fresh in head?

    Regards all the best!

    • Patrick Ross Posted March 30, 2013 12:25 pm

      No problem Michal! I’ll do my best to publish them around the same time as the tips each day…Patrick.

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