Trading Tips Stats Fri 19th April

1. Wawrinka v Tsonga: Successful

Now you’ve to agree how good my prediction was in this match! I
started by saying a very likely 3 setter which was true. The strategy
obviously worked early on so another positive. In the note I clearly
state that I fear Wawrinka winning the first set but to lay him
immediately as his odds are low, all spot on so indeed everything went
as planned here. Well done if you took Tsonga today!

2. Nadal v Dmitrov: Successful

I am going to make this successful for the only reason that the risk
was too low here due to the stake being low as well (This was a low
stake prediction!). I predicted that if anyone was to beat Rafa it
would be someone with pure aggression and that exactly was what
Dmitrov was all about. If indeed you look at the French open outright,
Dmitrov odds just shrank by a few hundred! He was super good and had
Rafa in all sorts of trouble. Nadal odds definitely went above 1.5 in
this match!

3. Gasquet v Fognini: Unsuccessful

I expected Gasquet to win this and he had his chances but never took
it. Odds on Fognini went slightly above 5 but didn’t quite reach our
lay price target. Hence unsuccessful!

Total Successful: 2 / 3 = 66 %

Good luck for later…

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