Trading Tips Stats Saturday 30th March v Sharapova:

This was the only match that was given yesterday and was tipped as
Back Extra Heavy.

Unfortunately strategy wise this didn’t work out but you can see why I
tipped it as Serena losing the first set and then being 3-2 down in
the second, won 10 games in a row to destroy Sharapova!

For me, this personally was a match I made money as there were enough
opportunities to beat the market. Serena started of as weaker but once
she accelerated Sharapova could not stop her!

This market makes our overall BACK EXTRA HEAVY results  a spot on
100 % so far! I hope you all made money from it too….

Good luck for today!


  • ZamaTrade Posted March 31, 2013 3:04 pm

    I really do not like to back on a very low odds … I prefer to start with lay, if odds very low, the risk is limited.
    I waited with williams 3 games, I saw that it did not take the service and I lay, so for me money … then as TTL said back in your favorite if he loses 1 set, I took the green, so I increased my profit!

    • Patrick Ross Posted April 1, 2013 11:23 am

      Hi Zama

      Thanks for your comment. Indeed it is good you did wait to trade the
      Serena match a bit more and eventually did profit. The reason of
      Backing Serena is that I cannot ask anyone to lay her saying Sharapova
      will start well. You only need to look at Sharapova’s recent stats to
      see why that’s the case. Forget about winning, she couldn’t get a set
      from Serena for the last god knows how many matches. So definitely
      this was more back oriented. But delaying for a few games to see how
      the match starts is always good thinking and I am glad you did it.

      The main problem here of saying lay Serena is also because if she
      starts well, this match might as well be considered over in less than
      an hour and you would have lost! At the end of the day, my very bold
      tip was on Serena and no matter what the situation, I was going to
      stick by her. In a way, I am putting my own reputation on the line
      here as a trader but you can see how successful I have been in
      predicting the results. There has yet to be a BACK EXTRA HEAVY result
      to go against me and we can smile about that…

      Good luck for the future trades…

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