Federer v Gremelmayr in Estoril Open 19-Apr-08

Today¬† I’m a bit tired so I decided to leave the in-play trading for a while and just sit back and watch the game. But then a thought crossed my mind and I decided to see if there’s something to it.

I backed Federer after the first set at the odds of 1.55:

Betfair Tennis Trading 19-Apr-08

and after some time I layed him off at 1.18 making nice 31 euro profit on both players:

Betfair Tennis Trading 19-Apr-08

How did I know his price is going to drop? Well – I didn’t. I just knew that there was a big chance that it would happen. I think in a long term by sorting out the right matches I’ll be able to increase the probability of reducing the risk level.

Will have to work on this!

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