Betfair Tennis Trading Tips Stats 20th May 2013 Daniels v Domachowska: Successful

2. Penneta v Beygelzimer: Unsuccessful (Pennetta won but losing the
first set meant, strategy failed!)

3. Espinosa v Bouchard: To be played later

4. Tatishvili v Garcia: To be played later

5. Erakovic v Niculescu: To be played later

6. McHale v Davis: To be played later

7. Berlocq v Mayer: Unsuccessful

8. Matosevic v Haase: Unsuccessful

9. Hewitt v Andujar: Successful

10. Hanescu v Ramos: Unsuccessful

11. Lepchenko v Jovanovski: Successful

12. Cepelova v Tsurenko: Successful (Since its a low stake match I
will consider this as successful!)

13. Baltacha v Voegele: Unsuccessful (I think we missed our target
here by a few decimals early on)

14. Stephens v Pironkova: Successful (This match is not yet over, but
Stephens winning the first set made it successful!)

15. Kamke v Becker: Unsuccessful (Becker was simply outclassed!)

11 Matches were considered..

Only 5 out of 11 were successful which was a tragic 45 %

It’s my worst result by far….

Still, its very early days, and this is exactly why I quote to keep
the stakes low in the early rounds of the tourneys…

However, I guarantee we will change this stat completely around in the
next few days..

Hence, keep yourself updated on the BH in the coming days!!

Good luck for later…

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