Tennis Trading for Beginners.

Tennis Trading can be quite daunting for beginners – it seems more complicated than simple betting. And I won’t lie! It is a bit more complicated than betting  £10 on the favourite at 2/1! Betting is a simple win or lose. Tennis Trading, however, is very different and should never be confused with betting.

Trading comes with much less risk. If you bet your £10 on the favourite to win, you will lose it all if he loses. With trading, you can use exit strategies to minimise your losses.

Those looking into tennis trading for the first time may feel slightly overwhelmed when they see screenshots and videos of live tennis trades. The screenshots have graphs, buttons and figures which you will not understand at first. Betfair may be new to you, and you might be slightly nervous about using it. When explaining to anyone how simple tennis trading is, I always ask them to remember their first day in a new job. The nerves, the anticipation, the dread and the excitement! You’re given your tasks amd you have to ask a few questions and spend a little time at it before you get it right. On your second day in your new job, you wonder why you were so nervous the first day – it’s all so simple!

Tennis Trading is exactly like this. You will have some jitters when you select your first match and open your first trade. It’s normal. However, you have a friend on your side (me!) who is willing to guide you through those moments. Tennis Trading League is designed for beginners and pro’s alike. In the course I recommend that beginners start with the Final Serve system. This is one of four strategies devised over many years of tennis trading, and it’s the simplest. No calculations, or previous knowledge of tennis or tennis trading is required – copy exactly what you see on-screen and watch your profits grow!

In fact, none of my Tennis Trading Strategies require any previous knowledge of Betfair or Tennis Trading – all the systems are explained in full and are backed up by real trading examples – you will see videos of me selecting matches, opening trades, and closing at the right time to lock in profits. All you need do is copy what you see.

How does a beginner become a successful trader? How does someone who knows little about Betfair make their living using Betfair? They make their first profitable trade and they never look back! That’s how! You can be the next Patrick Ross – you just have to make the leap!

Remember, I was once like you are now. New. I was cleaning at a racecourse before I became a pro tennis trader. It took me months and years to develop the strategies I now sell, and they have never been bettered. When you make the leap, you will have the full might of tennis Trading League behind you, and you will instantly have years of tennis trading experience at your fingertips.

If you have any questions, whether you buy the system or not, I am always available to help and give advice whenever I can.

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