Betfair Tennis Trading Tips – Wimbledon Day 7 Monday 1st July

Monday’s Tips:

Welcome everyone to Day 7 of Wimbledon.

I’m going to add a few extras for Wimbledon. This would include tips to lay 3-0
Set Winners and also Handicap markets which are worth considering.

The 3-0 Set Lay tips would be displayed in short form as ‘3 LAY’
The Handicap Market would be displayed as ‘HCAP’

Take one tip at a time and focus on that for
your trades. As usual, stick to the HOT TIPS more! For the first few
days, we will follow the norm in tips, but as the second round starts,
we will have Back Heavy and some other new strategies as mentioned.

On to the tips for today…

All times are UK/Irish and are subject to change:

WTA and WTA Doubles:

(Please note that the Doubles matche may not have much liquidity hence
approach the market with caution!)

1. 11:30 – Flipkens v Pennetta

Lay Flipkens@1.4, back@1.6

Consider laying Flipkens if she wins the first set easily. A possible
3 setter here…

2. 11:30 – King/Zheng v Petrova/Srebotnik

The market is not priced here properly but I feel anything from 1.3
upwards is good value.

Back Petrova/Srebotnik@1.3 upwards, lay@1.15

3. 11:30 – Kvitova v Suarez Navarro


BH on Kvitova@1.3, lay@1.1

If for some strange reason Kvitova loses the first set, keep her side
in minimal loss rather than trading out the whole market!

4. 12:45 – Puig v Stephens

I sense a shock here. However go with Stephens at the start..

Back Stephens@1.35, lay@1.1

Puig can definitely cause a major upset hence give an advanced lay
price of 1.05 or under. This could be a highly profitable market!

5. 12:45 – Vinci v Li Na

Back Li@1.51, lay@1.25

6. 13:00 – Radwanska v Pironkova

Back Radwa@1.31, lay@1.15

Consider laying Radwanska at very low odds if you are in green!

7. 13:00 – Bartoli v Knapp

Lay Bartoli@1.34, back@1.6

Wouldn’t be surprised if Knapp wins this

8. 13:00 – Robson v Kanepi

Back Kanepi@1.78, lay@1.45

I feel Robson run may come to an end today!

9. 13:00 – Serena v Lisicki

This is definitely going to be a tough match for Serena if Lisicki
serves well as she has done so far..

Best strategy is to lay something on Serena at the start and increase
the stakes as time goes if you feel Lisicki playing well. However, do
not risk a big amount at the beginning as we all know what Serena can

Lay Serena@1.1, back@1.25

Option 2: If Serena wins the first set with ease, consider laying her.
Indeed it could end up as a profitable market and a possible 3 set
maybe on the cards.


10. 11:30 – Ferrer v Dodig


BH on Ferrer@1.37, lay@1.16

Ferrer had a slight injury issue in the last match, however, he still
breezed through the 5th set against Dolgopolov. I am pretty confident
today there won’t be much drama in his game!

11. 11:30 – Janowicz v Melzer

I feel Jano should be laid here. Melzer can definitely upset him!

Lay Jano@1.27, back@1.5

Consider 3 LAYing here!!

If Melzer wins the first 2 sets and for some reason he’s up a break in
the 3rd, consider laying him immediately. I feel this could be one of
the matches of the day. You can take your time in trading here as it
may be better to read the match well by waiting out the first set!

12. 11:30 – Kubot v Mannarino

Another match i feel should be laid.This could be a tough one to call
and I feel it maybe a 50/50 chance.


LH on Kubot@1.69, back@1.9

Consider 3 LAYing Mannarino if he storms to a 2 set lead. Kubot can
definitely make a shocking comeback.

13. 14:00 – Verdasco v De Schepper

Back Verda@1.22, lay@1.08

I feel Verda should win this comfortably. However, consider giving a
lay price @1.01 in case there is a comeback!

14. 14:15 – Seppi v Del Potro

Lay Del potro@1.32, back@1.5

A possible 5 setter here as Seppi is no easy player to beat!

Consider 3 LAYing!

15. 14:15 – Youzhny v Murray

I feel there is value on Backing Murray here as it could be easy money!

Back Murray@1.07, lay@1.02

16. 15:45 – Djokovic v Haas

The best market here is the HCAP which is 6.5 games.

Backing that maybe very profitable indeed. However the HCAP markets
generally have less liquidity hence keep the stakes to medium or low!

HCAP price is around 1.85 on +6.5, hence:

Back 1.85 and lay@1.4!

I will consider this market as successful for tomorrow’s stats if the
first set is a very close one.

17. 15:45 – Tomic v Berdych

I don’t see Tomic getting past Berdych today!

At worst, this could be a 4 setter but I’d still go for Berdych to win!

Back Berdych@1.45, lay@1.2

Consider 3 Laying Berdych if he wins the first two sets with ease.

BH/LH Given: Ferrer and Kubot (LH).


It is about time there has been a huge shock yet in Wimbledon in
relation to odds. Hence, I recommend all of you to be bold in giving a
1.01 lay price if you have guaranteed yourself a GREEN in any market.
I feel one of these days, there is going to be a match that will hit
100 odds or more. Indeed, that may be today!!

Good luck as always! Let’s continue rockin!!

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Some folks have asked why I call the tips ‘Betfair Tennis Trading Tips’ and have asked if the tips can be used on other betting exchanges. I use Betfair for all my trading because Betfair has the best liquidity. All of my prices are taken from Betfair.
Betfair Tennis Trading gives you the best opportunities to make profits. You can use the trading tips on other sites – there may be small price differences – but these should not matter. If you decide to use a site other that Betfair for trading, make sure that the liquidity is there.
If you’re unsure about what liquidity is required, see question 17 on my FAQ section at


  • Silvana Siskov Posted July 1, 2013 4:06 pm

    Hi Patrick, this is maybe silly question but in your message today you talked about HCAP +6.5 in match Djokovic v Haas. I often hear that, but I don’t know what it means. What is +6.5 and -6.5? Thanx.

    • Patrick Ross Posted July 1, 2013 5:28 pm

      Hi Silvana,

      It’s not a silly question! I’m surprised you’re the first to ask!

      A + HCAP simply means how many games a particular player is to lose
      by. So in the Haas v Djokovic match, I feel the HCAP games of +6.5 is
      rather too many. I feel the right HCAP line should be +4.5. Indeed
      Djokovic may win the HCAP but I find Haas a very tough opponent for

      A -HCAP conversely means how many games a particular player is to win
      by. The Handicaps are generally popular in sports especially Asian
      Handicaps for Football.

      Good luck..

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